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User Info: IdrizzleD

4 years ago#71
...Dull? Get out. You know who's dull? Ryu, but he's in because he's Capcom's favorite piece of ass. - kevinbelmont

User Info: DarkPhoenix222

4 years ago#72
GT and Nickname: Advent Morpheus

User Info: HandheldDude

4 years ago#73
nickname: michaelmac316
GamerTag: Michael Mac 91

User Info: simonbelmont2

4 years ago#74
Great topic guys.

Nickname: Asiamatron

GT: orguss two
Carl Kolchak: You should meet my boss. He'd turn Buddha into a chain smoker.

User Info: Artu365

4 years ago#75
Name: Arturo 325

User Info: YawnTheSnake

4 years ago#76
Gamertag: Bone Thug xx

Nickname: Barry Burton

User Info: KtotheYLE

4 years ago#77
Nickname: Thievery
Gamertag: Crown 0f Thorns
('` | \ / |;;; |\ | ('`` |;;;\ ../ |;;; |\ | Six en Seven
.,) | / \ |,,, | \|. .,).|,,, \,,/ |,,,.| \|Gt: Crown 0f Thorns

User Info: pennywise666

4 years ago#78
Bumpy since the buddies system is going trough maintenance.
Not removing this sig till Quebec City get a NHL team!
Does anybody knows who's sleeping with whom around here?

User Info: kgould01

4 years ago#79
nickname: kgould01
gamertag: FP x SNUBKILLER

User Info: Sito59

4 years ago#80
GT=Sito59 also my nickname on the site
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