Did they fail at trying to make a "Nemesis" like campaign for Jake?

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Nemesis got annoying after a while. He was cool but I kept on waiting for some more nice bosses to show up (for an oppurtunity for good music like RE2's birkin themes) but all I got were Nemesis OVER and OVER which you just spammed shotgun shells on and some big worm The dissappointment I had there was far bigger than any I had in RE6.

I.honestly hated that about 3.....nemesis was the key scare factor......yet after the second appearence of him.....you expected him. And then knew he was going to show up..

Lol yeah he was on the cover after all. What I thought at first was that we got to play as him and I'm like awesome, play as a badass zombie! But then after the second time he shows up you just realize oh yeah, hes coming back forever, that cover shows hes a main character.
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The millions of dollars capcom is currently in possession of due to this games sales beg to differ.

*sigh*. Petition the game to go back to the actual "roots" instead of "small to no traces" of previous RE games.. *SMH*
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They failed at a lot of things in this game.

"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain" - Harvey Dent.