Why won't my game get saved?

#1BlackmanDadePosted 10/29/2012 11:34:36 AM
Just started playing the game and whenever I try to continue my game on a different day, I always end up starting two stages back from my last save point. Am I doing something wrong? Its set on auto-save, and I see my progress getting saved as I play, but when I load the game, I am never started at my last save point. Please help!
#2OpShaftPosted 10/29/2012 11:36:56 AM
Depends what you mean. There's only a few set places to start in each chapter. When it says "checkpoint", it's only for the current session.

If you mean it takes you back two chapters, I have no idea.
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#3zenandiPosted 10/29/2012 11:39:39 AM
There are CHECKPOINTS, and there are SAVE POINTS.

Obviously, you want to quit only after Save Points, indicated by the "Saving" notification on the top left of your screen.

The game confuses people, because every time you respawn at a Checkpoint, it will also say 'Saving' when its actually saving everything BUT your progress.


Pay attention to the top left every time you enter a new area.

Only if it says SAVING.. the FIRST time you enter (not a respawn...) THEN your progress has been saved.
#4faxmachnePosted 10/29/2012 11:43:31 AM
there are 2 types of save. The checkpoints and proper saves

checkpoints are when the game says saving fairly regularly

proper saves are shown by a typewriter shown next to the word saving

only proper saves actual save to the hard drive and allow you to continue once you turn off your console
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#5BlackmanDade(Topic Creator)Posted 10/29/2012 1:03:02 PM
Ok, that's good to know. I thought I was going to need a new harddrive or something. It just sucks that I played 1 hour and have to start over from the save point. But at least I know now and will play until I hit a save point. Thanks for the help
#6BENDMMAFANPosted 10/29/2012 1:12:05 PM
You will also lose your mid-chapter save point if you start a different campaign.
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