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User Info: ragnakore

4 years ago#1
I started a "New Game" and chose a character by mistake.
I dont wanna wait 5 chapters (about 8 hours). I want to play a new char.
How can I create a New Game?


User Info: DuuuDe14

4 years ago#2
Cant you go to chapter select?
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User Info: ragnakore

4 years ago#3
DuuuDe14 posted...
Cant you go to chapter select?

Chapter Select isnt same

I already done all 4 stories.
Wanted to do the partner's perspective, but wanted to have and use all the available weapons found by the previous char; ie, what Leon found in his run, Helena wanna use em *now*.

But doing a Chapter Select wont give me this option.

User Info: coolositymax

4 years ago#4
Character inventories are separate, there's no way to play as Helena and keep all the stuff Leon found in his run.

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