Decent game, not sure why it's getting so much hate

#1anonymous4everPosted 11/1/2012 3:59:01 PM
I just finished Leon's campaign and am currently working on Jake's campaign.. So far I'm having a blast. I had some cursing outbursts in certain scenes, but I did start out on Veteran difficulty before learning all the different moves and whatnot.

A solid entry to the series IMO.
#2mudelledgePosted 11/1/2012 4:59:37 PM
It has its faults and flaws, but I do agree it is a blast.
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#3teehee23Posted 11/1/2012 5:17:04 PM
Some kids just need to take out their insecurities on something.
They lack self-confidence, no girlfriend or they recently broke up with their boyfriend, no job, and are just jealous that others have what they feel they deserve. Already on the HALO 4 board there's a bunch of haters claiming that Microsoft must have paid for the high review scores.

Hope you continue to enjoy it and RE6 is my personal favorite RE ever.
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#4singhellotakuPosted 11/1/2012 10:41:02 PM
It's a series that moved into another genre, there are always going to be people who can't get past that, its a great game, just not what the fans wanted, in addition to that they made some really stupid design decisions that make the game really irritating at times, though I expect most of those to be patched away eventually.
#5PffrbtPosted 11/1/2012 11:04:45 PM
singhellotaku posted...
It's a series that moved into another genre, there are always going to be people who can't get past that, its a great game, just not what the fans wanted
My problems with the game have nothing to do with it become a straight action game. My problem is that the action is very good and the pacing is horrible.
in addition to that they made some really stupid design decisions that make the game really irritating at times, though I expect most of those to be patched away eventually.

That's literally never going to happen.
#6RetneugPosted 11/1/2012 11:15:01 PM
I can see mild dislike, but I can't understand hate when it comes to this game. I think it does a lot of things right, and stands on its own as a game even if it may not be the best in the series.
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#7molotovckoctailPosted 11/2/2012 12:03:45 AM
Yeah, there are a few questionable choices by Capcom, but, overall, I don't regret paying launch price.
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#8GingaritoPosted 11/2/2012 7:36:22 AM
I have completed leons campaign and im on chapter 3 of chris's and i have to say im really enjoying it. While it doesnt really feel like im playing a resident evil campaign the second chapter in chris's story i thought was brilliant. and its definately better than 5 which is one of the worst resi games if you ask me. And for some reason the graphics in chris's campaign look better than leons not sure why that is but overall i am more than happy to have paid 40 for this game.
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#9ish0turfac3Posted 11/2/2012 7:40:57 AM
Ac3 has the same issues and faults yet its getting better reviews.
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#10DackathonPosted 11/2/2012 8:52:55 AM
I don't see why this game doesn't get more hate. I've been a fan of the entire series, even after it went more action oriented. This game though, something about it feels wrong. Very wrong. It isn't the game as a whole, I think it had a lot of potential, but many of the small things me a lot.

Without going into a long rant, short list:
-Camera is too close, feels claustrophobic and makes it hard to see your surroundings (I'm aware that there is a fix in the works),
-horrible AI partner that will walk around zombies a foot in front of them and not shoot at all,
- inconsistent damage/zombie health (over twenty shots for a spitting zombie, ten of which were headshots from me),
-clunky movement
-poorly executed QTE,
-extremely linear (more so, I feel, than RE4 and 5)
-pathetically easy boss fights (once you figure out just what exactly you do or don't need to shoot),
- cheap reanimation (zombie on floor, shoot it to make sure it won't come alive, still grabs you as you're forced to walk right by it)
-that simply being grabbed can take one health away automatically, though usually it's more than that
-sections with infinitely spawning enemies are too plentiful
-the graveyard, church yard fight, farting "boss" inside the church. Bad, just all of it. Extremely dark areas with infinite enemies that can leap at you front seemingly out of no where and take a sixth of your life away? No thanks. And no flashlight? So a dark building with almost no action warrants a head mounted flashlight, but a pitch black cemetery? Nah, gotta save them batteries, I guess.
-The shotgun sucks. When the hell did this happen? I understand headshots, but this is the shotgun, it should shred normal zombies without headshots. It's still okay to use up close because when compared to the pistol is still better, but c'mon, there's hardly even a spread on the thing
-Silent zombie monster closet vents. So not only do I never hear the vents opening, and half the time don't even hear the zombies that crawl out of it, but I learned to never assume that you've ever cleared one. Apparently there are a few hundred zombies who happened to find their way into vents, who also apparently know exactly where heroes are located and where to best slither out in order to bite some ankles.
-Ground attack animations can be overly slow. Sometimes when attacking an enemy on the ground, I'll be attacked by the zombie I'm meaning to bash before the animation is complete. I call that sloppy in a game where the emphasis is fast action. With as many zombies as there can be, I don't have time to strategically place myself in a position to not get bitten. And when you consider that the best place to ground attack is near the head, well... Yeah.

Okay, so I lied. That turned into something very long, and this is only from Leon's campaign. I have to force myself to play it because I've been sitting on it since release dreading having to delve back into that stinking pile of whats-it. I may be being overly critical on these many small things, but put together make for near infuriating gameplay. I'm usually able to overlook faults easily in games if there is something else I feel compensates for the short comings, but honestly, when I try to think of one thing I truly enjoy about RE6 I can't come up with anything.

It hurts me to feel this negative about a game in a franchise I've loved to death over the years, and I wish I didn't. I'm still trying to find that redeeming quality about the game, and will soldier through the rest of it because I can't stand to think I spent $60 on a game and didn't finish it. That's the only thing that thing keeps me going for now.

Oh, wait. I think I found the RE6 pro:
- Leon's forward butt shuffle. I laughed my ass off for about five minutes straight. Funniest thing I've seen in a game in a long time.