Professional does give more skill points

#1SurrayPosted 11/11/2012 2:25:22 PM
So everyone said you don't get more skill points on professional and to simply play on amateur.
Today I played some professional and noticed that I got way too many skill points for what I picked up, so I did some testing runs and as it turns out, playing on Professional awards you 50% more skill points.

Now this is mentioned nowhere in the game I believe and it doesn't show you picking up any more than anywhere else, but every skill point you pick up is worth 50% more than what it tells you.

I did short tests on all difficulties and all of them but professional award you 100%.
Picking up a +4000 SP item from an ogroman on professional will net you 6000 SP.

Hope this helps motivate some people to play on professional for fun and profit!
#2teehee23Posted 11/11/2012 6:43:02 PM
Thank you that will be helpful when I go to unlock unlimited ammo for all weapons.
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#3tsukia8Posted 11/12/2012 5:06:28 AM
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#4tsukia8Posted 11/12/2012 5:53:40 AM
I tested this before and I couldn't remember any increase at all. Maybe there was a stealth update? Anyway, I tried it again on pro.

Leon Chapter 2 farming

5k Chest
4k Shriekers - x4 shriekers worth 1k each before the cathedral
2.5k + 2k - At the cathedral, x5 bloodshots worth 500 each and 2 shriekers
50 picked up

Total value is: 13,550
Real value after maths: 18,980

5,430 skillpoint increase
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#5Brother EinPosted 11/12/2012 3:26:15 PM
No update, because I've been playing at a friend's house with no 'nets. We definitely noticed a boost since playing on Professional after beating the game on Veteran.
#6chriss1Posted 11/12/2012 3:36:24 PM
Don't be so quick to get all the skill points, cause i did that and now i have 4 million skill points that i cant do any thing with, lol So, enjoy getting them , but take your time, thats just my opinion about it.
#7molotov ckoctailPosted 11/12/2012 10:01:31 PM
That's why I like 4 and 5's inventory / economy system. I can still have fun with them after all this time. RE6 only has New Game plus to keep things fresh, unless just playing the game with everything unlocked is good enough.
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#8chriss1Posted 11/13/2012 3:48:18 AM
well, ive pretty much gotten my monies worth, so im off to play another game!! Its good that they added the new game plus system. i guess that adds some freshness to it, good luck and happy gaming!!
#9BiggyDXPosted 11/14/2012 8:47:12 AM
My Chris campaign runs just became more epic.
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#10CaoNiMa69Posted 11/14/2012 5:08:21 PM
Ehm. I am on my first pro-run now and and asides I can say with some certainty that THERE IS NO INCREASE in SP on enemies like ogramen or whatever. I think Veteran and Pro do increase the amount of random enemy sp pickups though (I notice a lot more 100's, but I could be wrong)