hmmmm.... I hate to say it, but i'm liking this...

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Leons definitely feels like more of a throwback and its atmosphere is the best however design wise its easily the worst. Yeah Chris' campaign feels more dudebro and its easily the highest action, but it also has less qte's, less cutscene interruptions, less annoyances like tripping over bodies, less moments where they take the camera from you giving enemies a free hit, less bodies you cant kill until they grab you ect. Theres a lot of cheap crap in Leons thats either not in chris' or heavily subdued which i greatly appreciated. And yes chris' story has some of the best moments in the game. Jakes also has a ton of action, but also the most unique moments along with by far the best characterization between him and sherry that the series has EVER had. Ada is kind of a mix of everything with more puzzles and more along Leons campaign atmosphere wise.

all of the campaigns have there ups and downs, but imo leons was way too back and forth in comparison to the other stories.
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Pechabuster posted...
His chapter 3 even has an amazing RE1 reference.

What was this? I must have missed it.
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sidebeard posted...
Pechabuster posted...
His chapter 3 even has an amazing RE1 reference.

What was this? I must have missed it.

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rwfan2c posted...

hmmmm.... okay ill give it a shot... i was going to play through it anyway because i do want to play Ada's story but at least what you said gives me some hope it will turn around some.

Also... a question i've been wondering, It needs to be said i have not finished either 4 or 5 so maybe its explained in those games. But since this really seemed like a reunion game for the cast.. Where is Jill and Claire?

Near the end of chapter 4 of Chris' is an REvelations reference too if you've played it.

Also about Jake's campaign... Well, its definitely more action than Leon, judging by your description of what you don't like I'm fairly certain you wouldn't really like it that much... What I'll say is, play as Sherry, as that way you won't get the Overpowered hand-to-hand combat Jake has which he can wipe enemies with if you're good. Some of her exclusive sections rely much more hiding from the enemies too instead of bulldozing them in Jake's exclusive sections.
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You are going to be disappointed with the rest of the game if you don't like Chris campaign.
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So beat the game yet?
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Jake's campaign has more throwback feel than Chris' does, but less than Leon's does.

You get a new Nemesis-like enemy that hunts you like Nemesis does, though. :)
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