things you LIKE about RE6.

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la2ya2n posted...
O YEAAAAH. I remember that, so epic!! I thought you meant in his hand to hand.

Nah, though he has some pretty sick h2h moves as well.

His falcon punch is probably my favourite moment in gaming in the last few years... Spending so much of his campaign fighting and avoiding Ustanak just to solo him bare-handed gave incredible closure. My only complaint is that he still came back after that; I think that punch should have liquefied his brain or something judging from how intense it looked.
Favourite things:
Electro-swing and lactokinesis
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counters,quick shots,the mercenaries music,leon and chris campaigns,knife
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Chris' campaign
dodging , countering, meleeing
Mercenaries (usually)
The design of most of the enemies (J'avo mutations can be especially cool)

That's about it. I think I dislike, hate, or am apathetic to nearly everything else.
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