New Rumors! Claire Scenario!!

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"Itís time for some rumors! Said rumors come from Dual Pixels, who received the information from Geno, a reliable source that ended up being right about the new Castlevania: Lords of Shadow projects (LoS 2 and MoF) and Kingdom Hearts HD Collection. But this rumor isnít for you Ďvaniacs and keyblade lovers! This is all about Resident Evil.

According to Geno, Capcom will be bringing the series to Wii U with the release of Resident Evil 6: Final Hope. This is pretty much the gameís Gold Edition and, as expected, will come with a brand new scenario. Said scenario stars Claire, and itís said to be taking place after the events of Resident Evil 6 (perhaps this will set the stage for Resident Evil 7). This edition of the game will also fix bugs and other gameplay issues people had problems with, Geno says. The GamePad will be heavily utilized and youíll also be able to play the game without having the TV on as well. It wasnít outright stated that this will be exclusive to Wii U, though.

Remember Resident Evil Revelations being listed as coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360? Yeah, well, Geno says itís true. This HD Edition will also be coming to Wii U. He didnít say if there would be any extra content though.

Lastly, we have a sequel to Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Yes, you read that right. Iím not surprised at all by this, despite just being a rumor, because the gameís final Spec Ops missions did leave things at a cliffhanger and open for a sequel. Itís going to be called Operation Terrestrial Fear and itís going to be hitting the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita and Wii U.

Take all of this with mountains of salt. Realistically speaking, stuff like this may not be announced until E3 next year, if these rumors are legit that is. The only thing I can see being announced sooner is Revelations HD Edition. What do you think about all this?"
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i hope every one of these rumors is true...cause damn id be a happy camper:)
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I am now happy. Thank you Capcom.
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Needs more Jill
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Unless I'm reading it wrong, that Gold Edition better not be WiiU exclusive. I want me some Claire. But great news other than that.
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Agreed. Jill is hot; Claire is boring.
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Sounds great. I hope they all come to be.
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Spade_Roberts posted...
Agreed. Jill is hot; Claire is boring.

Was hot, blonde Jill ruined it for me lol
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Agreed. Jill was hot until she bought a box of Feria, found a rejected American Gladiators uniform in a dumpster, and decided to wear a crappy plastic heart trophy from Spencer's Gifts as a necklace.
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CTU_007 posted...
Needs more Jill

I don't care what the Haters say...
This is how it should be.