After the events of RE6 who'd win in a straight-up fist fight; Chris or Jake?

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4 years ago#1
Spoilers ahead.

So, I recently played through Jake's final chapter again and was just kind of marvelling at his ability to solo Ustanak in h2h combat. I started thinking about how his advanced melee skills remind me a lot of Wesker and hypnotized Jill in RE5, and how Chris and Sheva generally ended up losing in one-on-one encounters with the two of them unless they resorted to weapons.

Chris definitely has incredible strength, given his boulder-punching in RE5 and throwing around Leon in 6, but given Jake's obvious new combat abilities do you think Chris would be able to hold out in a brawl between them?

I mean Leon can't do anything as impressive as Jake melee-wise and isn't as strong as Chris, yet he looks to give as good as he gets in the small scuffle he has with Chris; does this mean Jake's skills and finesse might be able to surpass Chris if a less skilled h2h fighter seems able to match him?

I admit, I only really know the Chris of RE1, RE5, RE6, and Revelations since my experience with the spinoffs and original games other than RE1 is limited... But based on everything above it seems to me like Jake might be the best overall melee fighter in the RE6 cast.

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4 years ago#2
Jake seems to be the best melee combatant, yes. So in hand-to-hand, he'd likely win. Or maybe he, like Leon, is considered to be equal to Chris. Like all three main characters sort of being similar in ability.

Don't hate on Leon; this game didn't show it, but he has supreme knife skills.

They're all bamfs though.
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4 years ago#3
Hard to say, Jake is pretty skilled in hand to hand but going against Ustanaks raw power is completely different than engaging a trained person in CQB. Chris is Airforce/Special Police Unit trained. Most branches of the military and SWAT units are taught advanced techniques for close quarters meant to subdue combatants as quickly as possible. He was also caught off guard by, then out matched, a government agent who was thought highly enough to be sent to retrieve the presidents daughter.
4 years ago#4
True, but as someone said, the game goes out of its way to show Jake's superior hand-to-hand abilities. He has his own set of special combos that the other two don't have.
"honestly im guessing you just didnt lift hard.. you should feel like a bear tackled you over a waterfall into a pit of sharks." -- Greatjawajedi
4 years ago#5
I've got to go with Chris. I admit that may be the fanboy in me, but I think Chris would take him.

I'd much rather see them learn to respect each other and even work together sometime in the future. I think that would be much more interesting than a simple fight between them.
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4 years ago#6
Hard to say exactly, because of their individual technique. From what I remember from cutscenes, and a of course gameplay it would be a good match. Chris seems very defensive in hand-to-hand, breaking his opponent's stance, throwing them down, a lot of counter attacks or parry attacks. Pretty much, he is all about getting his opponent out of their comfort zone, ensuring Chris has the upper hand during a fight.

Jake on the other hand, is a lot more skilled then Chris. I won't pretend otherwise, or try to down play Jake in anyway. But he is very, very offensive, with little defence. Because of this Chris may be able to last into a stalemate with Jake, or even subdue Jake depending on circumstances.
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4 years ago#7
Spade_Roberts posted...
True, but as someone said, the game goes out of its way to show Jake's superior hand-to-hand abilities. He has his own set of special combos that the other two don't have.

Oh definitely, Jake has some insanely awesome moves, he's talented in hand to hand and has good reflexes. I'm a Chris fanboy, but that aside, most of the training I mentioned involves defensive techniques to use the enemy combatants momentum against them to set up lethal and non-lethal take downs. Offensively Jakes shown he's likely the better of the two, but I think the best offense would be a good defense in this fight.
4 years ago#8
Jake would win gameplay-wise, since he has his own slot for melee variety with Wesker'ish moves.

Chris would win canon/story-wise though, hands down. He's been in active duty since 1990 (Air Force & trained extensively in close quarters combat, praised for his adaptive abilities), longer than Jake has been alive (born 1992). While Jake does inherit his fathers adaptive abilities, he hasn't been drugged up like Wesker was, so he doesn't have Code Veronica era super powers.

I like Jake, but he's still largely inexperienced compared to Chris. Hell, he couldn't even take a group of J'avo with Sherry, whom is a government agent herself. The premise of Jakes campaign is "avoiding contact" and running away, which compliments the devs portrayal of inexperience. Chris on the other hand, is all offensive-- from rescuing hostages (including Jake) to fighting HAOS; which by the way I consider to be the most powerful B.O.W. boss of all RE lore. It also marks the only time a main RE character dies as a result.

Jake isn't that powerful, I would even say Jill could take him-- he has a long way to grow and is also one of the reasons why his first appearance is so young at 20 years old. Give him a decade or so and I'm sure he'll be able to go toe to toe with Chris.
4 years ago#9
@Spade - I'd never trash Leon's knife skills! I still consider him the best blade-user in the RE cast, hands-down; RE4 is my favourite RE game and the Krauser knife fight is one of my favourite parts.

@Solid - Oh yeah, no doubt the fight would go very differently if Jake faced a faster opponent like Chris. But still, dancing around an invincible mountain of flesh and shifting its skull around the inside of its head with a single punch is impressive indeed... I'd say it's a suitable counter-balance to Chris' boulder-punching.

I didn't see Leon getting outmatched in his fight with Chris... Leon just seemed to excel at getting hits in on Chris while Chris excelled at breaking Leon's stances and throwing him around. Also if they didn't know eachother it probably would have ended with Chris getting shot in the face; it may not be h2h, but the scuffle clearly ended with Leon in the better position for making a kill.

@jpv2000 - No arguments here in terms of them becoming buds; the cheek-shooting standoff scene between them in 6 makes me think that you're going to get your wish. =)

@_Mad_Hatter_- I do think Chris excels at strength-related combat techniques such as throws and subduing his opponent, as his fight with Leon and de-hypnotizing Jill in RE5 will attest.

He seems to like getting as close to his opponent as he can, maximizing the effectiveness of his strength and minimizing the quality of his opponents' speed and reach. I definitely think that his style of combat is ideal for beating Jake's moves, and if any member of the RE cast can best him in h2h I think it's Chris.

@burnout314 - Interesting argument, but I think it's a mistake to automatically take experience over youth when it comes to h2h combat. As much as Chris may have learned throughout his career, Jake's life has been rough from the start, and when it comes to speed and reaction time youth can be a tremendous boon.

This is only amplified by Jake having Wesker's blood; you're right in that he doesn't have superpowers, but I've read that he retains Wesker's uncanny ability to quickly gather data on a style, situation, or opponent and put it into practise, which helps to explain how he mastered martial arts so quickly.

The only point of yours that I consider unfair is taking their gameplay styles as evidence of their melee abilities. Jake is independent, and his only goal after meeting Sherry is to get to her boss and ensure that his blood goes global. It's not his business to clean up China or Edonia. However, Chris is back in the BSAA, and eliminating BOWs is secondary only to stopping "Ada" from causing more chaos (or Haos, amirite? ;D) as far as his goals are concerned. I think Jake would get just as rowdy if he were part of the BSAA as well.

The way I see it, the two are perfect opposites when it comes to h2h. Jake is all about mobility and quick, brutal strikes; the way he can lunge across the battlefield in an instant could be a huge threat to Chris if they got some distance between them.

However, Chris could probably end the battle with a single chokehold if Jake got close and careless enough. For Chris to achieve victory I think he'd need to play it very defensively until Jake is close and in mid-strike, and then just grab the dude and pin him. Jake would likely have to land several blows on Chris while dancing just outside of his grappling range, but if Chris doesn't put on enough pressure Jake might have time to do his lunge attack and set Chris up for devastating combos.

This thread is definitely working because Chris and Jake are already seeming more evenly matched to me. Good insights so far, people!
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4 years ago#10
@Retneug I don't know lol, I had to go back and watch the fight and it looks neither one of them got in any real hits, maybe an elbow from Leon and a knee from Chris, but I can't see Leon being in a better position to shoot Chris after that turn. Chris threw Leon over his shoulder from behind, he had a clear line of sight on Leon as soon as he hit the ground, Leon had to spin around to line up a shot, Chris has an advantage in those regards. I still feel he was outmatched, he got the jump on Chris from behind and Chris to counter everything he did as well as end the physical engagement.
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  3. After the events of RE6 who'd win in a straight-up fist fight; Chris or Jake?

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