After the events of RE6 who'd win in a straight-up fist fight; Chris or Jake?

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SolidStryder posted...
@Retneug I don't know lol, I had to go back and watch the fight and it looks neither one of them got in any real hits, maybe an elbow from Leon and a knee from Chris, but I can't see Leon being in a better position to shoot Chris after that turn. Chris threw Leon over his shoulder from behind, he had a clear line of sight on Leon as soon as he hit the ground, Leon had to spin around to line up a shot, Chris has an advantage in those regards. I still feel he was outmatched, he got the jump on Chris from behind and Chris to counter everything he did as well as end the physical engagement.

My bad, for some reason I thought I remembered Chris pulling a knife instead of a gun. I just went back and watched it as well.

In the end they do look rather evenly matched, but that was sorta my point in the OP; Leon doesn't have Chris' strength or Jake's advanced melee techniques, yet he's able to hold his own in a scuffle with Chris, and even get a gun on him in the same instant once it's concluded. Leon uses up his element of surprise to disarm Chris, which at best puts them on equal footing for the melee.
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...Leon isn't as strong as Chris or as skilled as Jake...but he's Leon. He's smart as hell and in a fight, that counts for most of it.

But can debate Chris vs Jake in general. You can't debate melee...JAKE HAS BETTER MELEE. It's VERY obvious. That'd be like asking who's a better sniper: Piers or Helena. CLEARLY Piers.
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First, ask who would win between Jake and Leon in a h2h fight; Thats not gonna be a tough one.

And now, since we have the fight between Jake and Chris as reference, remember that this was actually a pretty even match. Im just saying, if Chris and Leon were a pretty even match, and if you agree with me that Jake would probably whoop Leon in a hurry, then it seems Jake would beat Chris as well, as far as likelihood.

I think the reason we get to see Chris and Leon fight, and the reason that this fight seems so evenly matched, is because those two are the only of the three being discussed who the developers COULD have fight and seem evenly matched. It seems to me that the reason Jake never gets a fight scene with either of those two is that one of their characters would be unable to save face afterward.

Interesting to note, however, Jake DOES get a small confrontation with both of the others, and in each, they BOTH defer to HIM. Leon approaches Sherry to meet a stiff, stopping hand of Jake, and he does not challenge him; he backs off. Chris, as well, basically tells Jake he can shoot him for killing his father. The devs seem to want to give Jake some serious clout for his debut...
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I think you're misinterpreting. SPOILERS

Chris would allow Jake to kill him because Chris needed Jake alive to save the world, and because he's sensitive to Jake's lack of a father. It wasn't because he couldn't have taken Jake. And while I think Jake would win in hand-to-hand, that doesn't mean Chris and Piers couldn't have wasted Jake and Sherry in a firefight. Chris just didn't want to.

Same with Leon. He didn't challenge Jake because he's mature and composed. That's Leon S. Kennedy. He's not a hothead with something to prove like Jake is. You need to understand that not everyone is some classless grunt that takes everything they can get.

I'm not saying that Jake is inferior, but with weapons, all three are pretty well-matched, and Chris and Leon didn't challenge Jake because they're more mature than that.
"honestly im guessing you just didnt lift hard.. you should feel like a bear tackled you over a waterfall into a pit of sharks." -- Greatjawajedi
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Alright...alright. I'll give you Chris on that one, but the look on Leons face when they confronted each other looked to me like Leon knew he couldnt go any further with the situation by force.

Later on, when things cooled between them, when everyone is taking cover from Simmons' goons after the four reunited, Leon asks Jake "Think you can make it to that door"?, motioning to their escape. His voice sounded to me to have a tone of acknowledgement, as if Leon was giving him credit for being as formidable as himself, at least...
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I agree that he acknowledged Jake's ability, but I don't think the look was the outmatched look you say. What was he gonna do? "Hey, don't you shove me! I know you are but what am I?" He's too smooth for that.
"honestly im guessing you just didnt lift hard.. you should feel like a bear tackled you over a waterfall into a pit of sharks." -- Greatjawajedi