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[The Mercenaries] The numbers and all you need to know ver.2 (Sticky)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
Shadowlinkex587/31 12:24PM
Tips for a beginner.Jeremy23619310/3 12:37PM
New Gameparcivil19/28 8:35PM
Wow where is everybody I want to run through all campaigns on NHAndronicus8759/22 11:11AM
Zombie Killer / J'avo KillerSeromontis19/14 11:52AM
Simmons has more final forms than a Final Fantasy bossresolution_evil39/7 3:36PM
Who had the most traumatic campaign experience? (Archived)Paper_Mario_476/12 10:02PM
Chris and Piers (Archived)Paper_Mario_486/1 10:00PM
I recently beat Leon's campaign. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Paper_Mario_4145/29 2:43AM
Helena is a badass. (Archived)Paper_Mario_475/15 6:39PM
Character battle traits? What special abilities do they each have? (Archived)strider_12365/14 2:59PM
Played RE6 for the first time today 4/20/2015. My thoughts: (Archived)Paper_Mario_444/22 1:54PM
Which order do you recommend I play the campaigns in? (Archived)Paper_Mario_463/11 4:08PM
RE.Net events (Archived)Abyssalsedd53/5 10:56AM
What's with the spider motif? (Archived)Chameleon_X103/4 9:08PM event question (Archived)eclipsedkhaos31/25 4:17PM
Who would win a fight? Jake vs Ada/Chris (Archived)Dunaris31/19 12:56AM
the revelations direction needs to go into the numbered series (Archived)Jerryboy123512/20 9:37AM
Tips on how to increase both your enjoyment and skill in the game (Archived)Rapham0n411/16 12:09AM
looking for players to play dlc modes (Archived)codeveronicaHD311/8 2:18PM
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