This game is pretty bad

#31RapidNameChangePosted 12/28/2012 11:28:05 PM
Bro... bro... Do you even lift?
Must paint picture with words...
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RapidNameChange posted...
Bro... bro... Do you even lift?

Do hot pockets count?
#33RapidNameChangePosted 12/31/2012 1:15:03 AM
Well I mean, that's up to you bro.
Must paint picture with words...
FC: 0819 2487 0821 (plat, Dawn)
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your topic is very bad and very foolish, and also nonsense.
#35vespa5Posted 12/31/2012 6:36:42 AM
I'm sort've a RE fanboy and even I have to admit that this might actually be the start of a plummeting decline to the franchise. As if the last RE Raccoon City game by Slant Six wasn't bad enough.
#36sidebeardPosted 12/31/2012 7:21:45 AM
Hated it first time I played it now it's up there with my all time favourites and I've put more hours into 6 than into 5 and 4 combined. I think it's a bit like Marmite in that few people are indifferent to it.

That said, given my early skepticism I do think that some reviewers didn't give it long enough before writing it off but it doesn't help that the prelude section is not a good introduction to the game.
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#37BassChamberPosted 12/31/2012 12:42:25 PM
The game really grows on you if you let it.

At first I also thought it was horrible; but then I started to dig into it.

Finally I ended loving it.

Yeah, it has it faults, but it is a really fun game with good situations.

I would have changed a lot of things but whatever... I enjoy it.