quick question about the virus'

#1roitactPosted 12/26/2012 8:41:03 AM
personally i've played almost all of the main series res evil, 2,3,4,5 +6,

i havent spent very much if any time on any of the other sub series/ spin offs whatever you may call them

now i know originally it started with the t and g virus in the first 3,

4 introduced the las plaga/ganados being a parasitic manipulation rather than virus infected corpses,

one thing i dont understand / cant remember is was the uroboros (5) related to the plagas(4), i know i 5 that chris mentioned that the 'zombies' were similar to '' those in the kennedy report '' but cant remember if there was any other mention of them possibly being connected ( i dont have the game anymore so cant replay to check myself)

are they in any way related to the newer c-virus or is this more of a new style of t/g virus
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Considering how convoluted it can be...it's easier to give you links.
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after reading quite a bit of that...

the original progenitor came from the flowers in 5 as did uroboros, the g + t virus came from the progenitor virus and the c virus came from work on the t virus ...ada took a sample of the parasite from leon at the end of 4 but its use so far (if any) is unknown....

seems to be enough for me and not really that convuluted,

progenitor virus made from flowers
g and t made from progenitor
A. Wesker makes uroboros from flowers and jills antibodies to t virus
c virus made from t virus
parasites unrelated so far but ada has taken a sample of the parasite originally destined for use by A. Wesker (assuming by timeline this would be before he had access to jills viral antibodies)

of course this is cutting out a lot of things like t virus variants but in a nutshell suits me fine
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No, the T-virus was made from Progenitor combined with leech DNA. The G-virus was discovered when they pulled it from Lisa Trevor's messed up body (so was the Nemesis parasite).

Alexia Ashford made the Veronica virus by using the original Progenitor and croygenic sleep to stablise it. This helped with the C-Virus later on.

Wesker and Excella made Uroboros from Progenitor and the Las Plagas parasite, as well as other viruses and used Jill's antibodies to make it less toxic. The Plagas has it's own origins, unrelated to Progenitor.

Carla got the Veronica virus, combined it with the original Progenitor and created a variant called T-02. She then combined this T-02 with the G-virus from Sherry's body, resulting in the C-Virus.
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alright then, seems when i was scanning i missed some bits and pieces, or just misunderstood some pieces, i'd likely understood more if i played some of the sub games. i've only played the number series, res evil,2,3,4,5 and 6

i thought the parasites might be related to the uroborous (similar inscet like creatures emerging from 'zombie' heads)but couldnt remember any explanation in 5...maybe i missread the bit about ada giving the parasite sample to wesker or missed part saying wesker used it to help make uroboros i understood that it was jills antbodies that made it usable.

thanks for clearing it up
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