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4 years ago#1
Button Masher
4 years ago#2
Beat-Down King
4 years ago#3
4 years ago#4
the silenced SPAS-12 has the effective range of a tangerine. -EvaPilot1
"About Me" references Izuna, Unemployed Ninja on the DS.
4 years ago#5
Ultimate Hunter
4 years ago#6
Xbox360 GT: OMEGA ZERO 9000
4 years ago#7
Snipe This!
GT: RineN1. State you are from here before adding!
Waiting for: Dead Space 3(360) Playing: RE 6(360) Borderlands 2(360) Watching: Mirai Nikki
4 years ago#8
Stay Outta My Turf!
4 years ago#9
Agent Hunter
One of my topics is called :- What has the old re games got that re6 has not got? To read it go to ps3 re6 gamefaqs forum and put that title in search topics.
4 years ago#10
3DS: (Kaz) 0130-1836-9252
X360: MC Kazoo
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