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4 years ago#1
I finished playing all 4 campaigns but I've noticed that in Ada's campaign while helping Jake and Sherry in the boat ride (with the chainsaw BOW chasing them), that Ada used her hookshot to help save Sherry. The thing is that while playing this part of the game on Jake's campaign I could've sworn it was Carla that saved them because I remember seeing the black outfit with the red scarf.

I tried looking back at the cutscenes but this one cutscene only showed a glimpse of it and I couldn't make out if it was Carla or Ada, and I'm way too lazy right now to search for the exact spot on YouTube in a Let's Play or something.

Does anyone know if in Jake's campaign it was Carla or Ada that saved Sherry, cuz' that part on Ada's campaign left me wondering.

I could just be seeing things o___o
4 years ago#2
It was definitely Ada. Carla wore bright blue with a red scarf.
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4 years ago#3
Yeah I figured I might've been too tired and thought I saw Carla. It wouldn't have made sense if it was Carla anyway since Chris and Piers were chasing her in the car at the exact same time :P

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