Who is your most hated playable character in the campaign?

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I think it should have been Ada (not Carla) that should have been the antagonist, but because of the Ada fans, the writers just didn't want to take the chance of killing her off. Think of how intriguing she would have been if all the stuff she's been doing since RE2 was really about bringing about doomsday, just because she can (or at the behest of the Organization she was working with).

It would have been cool, but the problem is that from the beginning, the writers never wanted Ada to be a villain - she was always a "good person." In the Japanese version of RE4, she says something like "I don't do evil." In case you're wondering, there are countless plot points lost in translation in this series, with RE4 probably being the worst of the lot.

What? I thought every RE game before Revelations was only voiced in English.
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Jake. They gave him too many cheesy lines.

Piers was my runner up for most hated, but then he became infected and out of control at the end. And died.
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He's a younger, douchebag Wesker.

So he's just a younger Wesker, then.

They had to include someone similar to his dad, IMO. I was expecting that Alex Wesker guy, but we got the a-hole son instead.
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What? I thought every RE game before Revelations was only voiced in English.

They were. But the lines and files are first translated from the original source material (Japanese) to English, and the translators Capcom employs are terrible at their jobs. They add all sorts of things that were never mentioned in the original (like the anti-American terrorism thing with RE4) and leave important things out, such as the Ada line I mentioned.

Every RE game I can think of is littered with mistakes from translation. Revelations and 4 are particularly bad in this regard.

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Jake. They gave him too many cheesy lines.

The reason I dislike Jake is because he is a try-too-hard blowhard. Some of his lines were great, even though he was stealing Leon's thunder (we all know he's the true one-liner king).