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4 years ago#1
Im a few log ins away from 42000 RE points, which Ive been saving up for a set of costumes.

I cant decide between crappy looking skin changes with the same load outs or pointless pallette swaps with the same load outs but then at least there wont be a gap in my costume numbering.

If the new retro costumes at least turn out to have different load outs then its a no brainer, but as it is, I cant decide. What do you all think?
4 years ago#2
If you only have 42000 points, I think you're gonna need more lol. Otherwise, go with whatever color you think is prettiest?
4 years ago#3
Oh yeah, I left a zero off. Ok, 420000. Enough for a set of 7 costumes (assuming the retro ones cost the same).

Well, the EX3 ones are downright ugly... but at least a skin change is slightly better than a palette swap...

Theyre both minimum-effort, but I doubt therell be anything better to buy with RE points in the future.
4 years ago#4
RE points are quite hard to net when you got a majority of the badges tbh.
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4 years ago#5

You can't buy the EX3 costumes. They are given out via events that you have to participate in and you only get ONE per event.

And the EX3 ones look crappy on purpose. They're supposed to look like the PS1 graphics of the original games. Leon, Ada, Chris and Sherry even get their costumes from RE1/RE2. It's not minimal effort, it's a design choice for fans of the series since the 90's. It's for nostalgia.

But regardless, you can't get them, so that decides for you.
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4 years ago#6
^ We don't even know that yet.

For all we know, 1 costume = 1 token OR x amount of points.
4 years ago#7
Even if EX 3 can be unlocked with ponits and tickets, at the rate they are giving out tickets, I wonder if it might not be a bad idea to purchase EX 2 with points I have and just save the tickets for EX 3. Also makes me wonder if I'll be able to unlock EX 2 with tickets.
3 years ago#8
From: Nagasada_Mori | #006
^ We don't even know that yet.

For all we know, 1 costume = 1 token OR x amount of points.

True, but the actual events say you get the costume of your choice, not the token.

Pretty positive that, at least until they've run through a few months (so everyone can get most if not all of the EX3 costumes with tickets), they won't have the costumes up for points for a while.

It will likely happen eventually. But I honestly do not expect it until they decide they're done with RE6 and events dwindle as they move towards Revelations or something even more new.
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3 years ago#9
Forgot I posted this message til this morning.

Looks like Mr Stick was right. I had just assumed 1 ticket would be worth 60000 points.

Like he said, my decision is made for me, and to be honest Im kind of glad.

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