How hard is No Hope Left Difficulty?

#1Ducati996RPosted 1/25/2013 6:00:46 AM
If I have level 3 Defence, Melee, and Shooting. Basically the first 3 skills it shows in the skills list. And also are the QTE harder to get through on No Hope Left?
#2RineN1Posted 1/25/2013 6:22:23 AM
Skills are disabled so you'll take massive damage :D
That and you wont get health back after you die so that strategy for pro wont work on no hope
Pretty much thats the only difference
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#3Ducati996R(Topic Creator)Posted 1/25/2013 6:45:13 AM
I thought it was just infinite weapons that were disabled not all skills. I'm going to have to do a run on amateur and collect first aid sprays and magnum ammo. Especialy grenades for the bear commander for Ada's campaign...