how many re games have you played/beaten

#11tdmj0226Posted 1/30/2013 11:29:31 AM(edited)
every american release, not counting all the rereleases of same game on different consoles, including REmake and Deadly silence, beat them all HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

oh and I have a original release of 1 in the old school dvd case/bigger case thing, beat that too

got all the hidden weapons, costumes, bonuses in 0,1,DS,2,3,CV,4,5,REV,6
got the best ending in gaiden, survivor

beat all the chronical games for wii but no where near unlocking everything

Never got all the unlocks in REmake, didnt finish all acheivements in ORC but beat both campaigns

just have that one medal left in mercs 3d that you get for killing like 12000 people

and really only played through outbreak 1&2 and dead aim once