Why do people hate this game so much?

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User Info: musikx00xguru

4 years ago#1
It's so fun, I don't understand where all the negative comments are coming from. Granted some things could be improved such as more variety in the merc loadouts but that doesn't warrant such a bad reputation. Do you agree? If you don't like this game, what is the problem you have with it and how can it be improved?

User Info: Raddy8

4 years ago#2
I suppose many just want, or expect, more from an RE game. I agree with you though, it's a really fun game so I was pretty happy with it.
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User Info: al3xnishchuk

4 years ago#3
I agree, its a great game

User Info: Rob_Indahood

4 years ago#4
I had fun with it, and I could play Mercs forever if they just gave me some new maps, gratis.

Unfortunately it just has bad design choices in it. As much as I love the dodging system there are a lot more flaws in the SP. If they could make another RE game like Revelations, people would be so much happier.
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User Info: Dave_Gahan

4 years ago#5
Because its a terrible RE game, and just a mediocre game in general.

User Info: Mariofan15

4 years ago#6
From: Dave_Gahan | #005
Because its a terrible RE game, and just a mediocre game in general.

Except it isnt. Sure,the game isnt as great as past games but this is still a pretty good RE game.
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User Info: chretien123

4 years ago#7
RE 6 had some neat features and it played very much like a movie. However, play RE1-3 and then play 6 and you will see why people have issues with this game. Playing RE 6 in many ways was almost like playing Dirk the Daring http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon%27s_Lair with a combination of Left for Dead which both games were great. I mean the boomer is a left for dead zombie what is it doing in Resident Evil 6? Resident Evil always had an eerie feel to it...where sometimes going down a hallway where nothing happened was still very scary because the next door or hallway something could come right out.....and you were able to really take in the detail. I will say that RE5's Lost in Nightmares reminded me of that feel. Anyway, thats my two cents.

User Info: Cosmic Mayhem

Cosmic Mayhem
4 years ago#8
Agreed. I loved the game immensly. I'm aware that others hate on it, but personally I'd give it at least an 8.5/10.

User Info: Viral56

4 years ago#9
I thought it was lots of fun to play, but a big issue was the heavier focus on action. Leon's campaign was well-received because of its larger focus on adventure and survival, but the other campaigns were more action-heavy.
mainly because of the J'avo wielding guns and firing back at you, kind of like another third person shooter with some enemy-tweaks. thats just my opinion, like how i feel that Chris got the shaft in this game, he could have had something like RE1 or CVX but instead....yeah :/
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User Info: t7uyheoidf

4 years ago#10
it was more action on most chapters. others were a little....horror. in my personal opinion i think action should be reserved for mercenaries. don't get me wrong it's still my favorite game series still they could've done better.
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