With Jake's intro to RE6, will Capcom focus on him from here on out?

#11LerdothoughtPosted 3/23/2013 6:03:06 PM
i thought i would hate Jake but during the game i changed my mind, considering the timeline and events, he's actually an important character now
#12Viral56Posted 3/23/2013 7:10:35 PM
I wouldnt mind seeing him again in future games, but not as the main focus, and not in the same style as RE6
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#13Mariofan15Posted 3/23/2013 7:44:30 PM
From: Monticore_Bites | #006
You cannot say that Jake and Sherry was the best campaign. It is 1, completely different from the series as a whole, 2, the Ustanak was terrible and a travesty to be mentioned as a new Nemesis, 3, the campaign was unpolished, thrown together, and feels like tacked on DLC.

Let's be honest, the game as a whole offers many different features but Jake was a travesty. Leon was the most "traditional" and Chris was a newer addition with more of a Resident Evil 5 feel.

If the Jake storyline becomes the new franchise direction it is the worst direction for the series to take. Longtime fans desire a return to arms. I will not say 6 was a step in the wrong direction but the biggest misstep was the handling of Jake and Sherry's campaign.

Honestly Leon was the most nostalgic, Chris had the best story and character interaction/development, Ada was a blend of stealth and nostalgia, and Jake was out of place.

tl;dr Diehard fan, not against the game but not 100% for the direction taken. Jake campaign bad, all others good in certain way.

Except he can,troll. It's called an opinion. Get over it.
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#14masked_yazooPosted 3/23/2013 11:17:22 PM
Jake's existence would make another spinoff for Resident Evil, just look at Raiden! He gives rise to the game called Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. I bet Capcom would not miss this chance to gain much more money.
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#15Dave_GahanPosted 3/24/2013 11:57:36 AM
I hope Jake and all these other irrelevant characters die in the next game. Or just completely reboot the story from after Code Veronica.
#16ServarePosted 3/24/2013 10:22:28 PM
I sure hope not. Horrid one liners and a bad character over all.

I still can't get over *spoiler*

derp who's my dad? Ef dat guy! Oh a mega terrorist.
What da derp? You killed my father! You monster! I'll kill you!

Like dude... really?
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#17TopdrunkeePosted 3/25/2013 8:55:02 PM
Jake is so damn boring. His last boss fight was interesting though. Just imagine how epically bad(ass) his final fight would've been with Guile's theme song. Hell, just replace Jake with Guile.
#18IamthekuzalolPosted 3/27/2013 1:00:49 AM
No way, maybe as a returning character, but just don't freaking put him in the limelight.
#19LerdothoughtPosted 3/27/2013 12:07:26 PM
i think there is a lot of potential with Jake, he's got a troubled past, did a lot of things that apparently regrets, and definitely he is another person after meeting Sherry...
#20Monticore_BitesPosted 3/27/2013 3:05:14 PM
I would love to know how giving my opinion is trolling or attacking someone. All I did was question a few points and give what I thought. Why don't all the people who have a problem with other opinions get off THEIR high horses. This site is so downhill now its impossible to get anywhere if you don't 100% cater to people.