Anyone up for Boosting DLC Acheivements ?

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User Info: XLegendKillerX

4 years ago#1
Tag is in the sig, only mode i dont have is Siege (heard it wasnt worth it and no one plays it) but if you say its deff worth it ill consider getting it i just won free 800 MS points... but yeah Achievements? anyone?
Xbox Live - nukkaniiick

User Info: True_Silence

4 years ago#2
and I would love to boost/get boosted. I don't have a number of the achievements so This could be beneficial to both of us and I have siege, it's more fun than Survivors

Think of it like Predator Mode except teams play as an army of creatures instead of one player playing as Ustanak.

I think it's pretty fun, but I'm not very good at it. shoot me a friend request sometime.

User Info: Emilio the Angel

Emilio the Angel
4 years ago#3
I've got all the DLC except for Siege. A boosting session would be nice since the online community seems to be dead already. Add me if you're interested.

GT's on sig.
XBox 360 Gamertag: Rol X box360
PSN ID: OvO_Nyctea_OvO

User Info: _under_score_s

3 years ago#4
GT: KeeganSaysHi
I have all the modes. Any of you, lets do it. This game is so dead.
GT: KeeganSaysHi

User Info: hylianslayer

3 years ago#5
gt is username. im free sunday
White lawliot-1678 9390 8407, platinum anthony-3482 8253 5312, white2 stewart-0734 2568 0385

User Info: XLegendKillerX

3 years ago#6
just cleaned out my friends list if your interested in the achievements just send me a message and friend request
Xbox Live - nukkaniiick

User Info: zigcb

3 years ago#7
Hi all, will send you all a request tonight, need Siege ones as well as a few other online ones
PSN ID: Zubair
GamerTag: Zubi Q

User Info: sinyx

3 years ago#8
Add me I have all dlc

Gt is sinyx
Haters mean you're doing your job right.
GT and PSN: sinyx

User Info: acidconsumer202

3 years ago#9
Also looking to boost achievements anytime.


User Info: _Rinku_

3 years ago#10
I had to take a break from games for most of this semester and the online for this seems to have died during my absence. I'd like to get the achievements I lack. I have all the modes.

GT: RinkuTheFirst
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