Mercs - Requiem for War - Enemy spawn points

#1ILuvKnivesPosted 4/27/2013 9:10:30 AM
Just wondering if any of you out there can help point out to me the locations where enemies spawn and at/during which kill counts. I wanna get a feel for these locations so I can improve my scores w/ everybody. Here's what I've kinda picked up on thus far:

Kill 10 - 15: J'avos w/ knives hopping over the fence
Kill 30 - Grasshopper J'avos jump down from 1 of the 3 upper levels
Kill 55 - Ogroman #1 comes out
Kill 60 - Funky head J'avos swinging machetes come out
Kill 80 - Three rocket launcher guys spawn in all 3 upper building levels
Kill 110 - Ogroman #2 comes out

Any suggestions or additions are more than welcome. Appreciate the help, guys! THANK YOU! b(^-^)d

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