Are the other 3 campaigns any better than leons?

#21RaphaelBelmontPosted 6/25/2013 11:07:52 PM
The gameplay for me was...mmm...trash. but i understand capcom, they are trying to keep up with times, so many shooting games out there selling millions. but RE isn't about guns only. it's about survival. it's about managing your resources to get through the end in one piece or at least close to that. RE6 gives the impression that everything will be ok no matter what and that annoyed me.
Again Ada was amazing, Sherry a great idea, she is super cute and focused at doing her job to help mankind and her friends, even at the cost of her own life. Piers was kinda lame but in the end he proved himself. Leon and Ada's romantic scene (shielding her from Simmons) was really awesome and made their campaign's worth all the annoying puzzles and qte's.
overall this was a ok game. 7/10 for me. i was left with a taste of "it could have been so much better".

btw, Simmons was a lame antagonist, Wesker 4evar!

Carla was a nice character, but the clothes and obvious change in behaviour (if you played RE4 you could spot it in a second) made the plot overall for the game pretty lame. also Chris could have been a little less emo.

to end this, it was a ok game, it can get sooooo much better, capcom for god's sake, listen to the fans.


More Intense dramatic plot twists (less clichés)
More horror, survivability (is that even a word)
Back to use real guns (like the classic ones)
No more world war. Being surrounded by 20 men with machine guns is only acceptable for kids (cough*callofduty*cough)
Conclude some story for pete's sake, Leon's last appearence finally gets to be with Ada or just kill her already!!!!!Claire and Sherry team up for cuteness' sake. Jake starts wearing actual clothe (cough*agentsmith*cough) and decides to avenge of his father (who was secretly just trying to make the world a better place). Make Piers take some steroids, he survived, he is angry because he can't control his mind because the virus worked in some special way within him, teams up with Jake to destroy the protagonists only (saving the world is for Goku only for plot's sake) and for Satan's sake no more giant last boss with a rocket to the face, really.

inb4 tl,dr - capcom stop being so cliché and get some original idea already.
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Can't get anything going in Chris's campaign.. There are way too many cutscenes and button mashing sequences.. It seems like every 2 minutes there is a cutscene or a button mashing sequence.... This game is more like an interactive movie is what I'm starting to figure out.. Went way overboard on this stuff..
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all first chapters are like that. Leon slow walking all the time was killing me. things get interesting in chap 3 onward.
In the seventeenth chapter of Saint Luke it is written:
- The kingdom of God is within man.Not one man, nor a group of men, but in all men: in you!