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User Info: Coolgecko8

3 years ago#1
Button Masher ****

Something about it I like
The only correct way to play as Police Officer Helena is to play Bad Boys through the mic.

User Info: Bent 00

Bent 00
3 years ago#2
"Stay Outta My Turf!"

Because it was difficult to get.

User Info: Goldsickle

3 years ago#3
Dare To Hope ****
There is no such thing as a "Quick Time Event done right".
A game that has Quick Time Events is a "video game done wrong".

User Info: X_The_Sorrow_X

3 years ago#4
Goldsickle posted...
Dare To Hope ****

Exactly this.
XBL Gamertag: Wesker Reb0rn - PSN: Wesker-Reborn

User Info: goku4ever03

3 years ago#5
Iluzija Hunter ****

Due to the event that just ended.
The ultimate woman is a man - House

User Info: AvengerFan423

3 years ago#6
Lone Wolf ****

User Info: SinisterBlade

3 years ago#7
Executioner ****
What is a man?!
A miserable little pile of secrets!

User Info: burnoutguy314

3 years ago#8
Resident Evil

User Info: freecom01

3 years ago#9
Potent Pugilist ****

only because i main Jake in Mercenaries, lol
(message deleted)
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