need some active RE 6 player friends

#1MyManJesusPosted 7/15/2013 4:26:32 PM
hey i was just going to check if there are some people on here who still play RE6 and who wanna be my friend on xbox...

I like to play mercinaries,predator,onslaught and iam gonna try to get all titles and medals and i am right now having problems with Party Time! title where i need 3 other players where we do a crossover story thingy, so if there are some people who are interested send me a message here or on my xbox :).

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#2IsegrimPosted 7/20/2013 1:34:01 PM
I think I played with you a few hours ago. You played as Jake and I was using Piers on Mercenaries - Creature Workshop.
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#3rEaPeR_2k4Posted 7/21/2013 5:26:30 PM
I will play but i have not completed leons campaign
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