Survivors is the only thing in this game with replay value

#1yoshirulezzPosted 8/1/2013 8:45:35 PM
Seriously the only reason I still haven't sold this game is because of the fun,yet broken DLC modes. I loved versus in RE5 and this game. I think if capcom patches some of the OP stuff in survivors it can be even better. Why does everyone hate the DLC's? It's not like capcom is shoving it down your throat to buy it, it's just neat extra features that can hold some replay value in RE6 and encourage teamwork.
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#2tadmfpolePosted 8/1/2013 9:17:00 PM
No love for Mercs? There are 3 maps on disc and they are all good although Steel Beast annoys me a bit solo.
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#3JRS511Posted 8/1/2013 10:11:19 PM
Mercenaries says hello. I have put close to 300 hours alone in Mercs.
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