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How is this game good? (Archived)
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The zombies and javos do have ragdoll physics. (Archived)shotgunheadshot110/7/2012
Looking for a co-op partner to play any campaign just for fun. (Archived)stabstone510/7/2012
Chris and Piers chase in Chapter 3/4(forget which...spoilers) (Archived)AzureEverything410/7/2012
what future dlc will at have? (Archived)shads3055310/7/2012
Is there a significant difference based on what character you choose? (Archived)apatrick0516410/7/2012
Unlockables on Resident Evil.Net (Archived)Oritsu810/7/2012
Just grabbed the game, starting from the beginning...Looking for co op partner. (Archived)Soldier_0_Cross310/7/2012
When the **** are Leon and Helena gonna ****? (Archived)
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Anyone wanna play some co op (Archived)TraBot310/7/2012
who wants to co op jake or chris with me? I am awesome. (Archived)DARQ MX710/7/2012
co op in and story mode or mercenary mode (Archived)WarHead2011210/7/2012
Aww who else was hoping (Leon Spoilers) (Archived)
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Pirateking20002110/7/2012 chars question (Archived)Javic80610/7/2012
after ign and gamespot, do CTE and prompts really hurt the game that much? ?? (Archived)
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So.. I still haven't opened this.. (Archived)
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The president was going to reveal the truth behind Raccoon City? *spoilers?* (Archived)zerorush113087810/7/2012
How do I delete/drop weapons? (Archived)Ninjamiroquai310/7/2012
To The People Who've Beaten It, Which Campaign Was The Best & Why? (Archived)
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