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Man there is a ton of doors to open in this game or at least in leons campaign (Archived)SolidSnake163410/3/2012
My perspective about the reviews. (Archived)3dsghost1010/3/2012
is Jake whistling any important song in the intro? (Archived)CalistoCoon110/3/2012
Ah, so I was right about RE6 playing bad and critics have backed it up. (Archived)
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Honest opinion for those still wondering about buying (Archived)Lordshafter210/3/2012
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13 button presses to start a game (Archived)Kagami84610/3/2012
Erm no main menu or mercs online mode ? (Archived)
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pause??? (Archived)
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are there any files to read in the game? (Archived)ironmaidenfan70810/3/2012
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It's rather depressing... (Archived)
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