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Ada Campaign Question (Archived)hoggys2much9934/17/2014
So what is the 2nd Disc For (Archived)crypticzombie224/13/2014
Co-Op Partner for Professional/No Hope (No inf ammo) (Archived)xGenocidest13/9/2014
What I think would be a cool idea for a future Resident Evil game (Archived)BrownPack82/26/2014
Two bullets left : ( (Help) (Archived)Super_What32/26/2014
Looking for Co-op partner (Archived)kalibre1642/13/2014
The series shouldn't be called "Resident Evil"... (Archived)CapnMuffin42/7/2014
Question about weapons during Leon's final boss fight (Archived)apayton62/5/2014
I'm going to give RE 6 another try. (Archived)Tbon11052/5/2014
wow.. re4 is really bad. this game was x100 better (Archived)
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Would making the game more harder really be the best way to go? (Archived)Sega959931/29/2014
does anyone still play Onslaught? (Archived)freecom0161/27/2014
dose any still play predator (Archived)Xandres9031/16/2014
Looking for Co-op partner (Archived)Z_A_R_E_L71/15/2014
Can you play with someone tha owns the archive edition? (Archived)ianthegamer21/3/2014
Looking for playing buddies. Sort of serious playing in mind. (Archived)J1mi412/20/2013
Anyone want to play (Archived)Xandres90212/13/2013
looking for player (Archived)1994erock112/13/2013
Resident Evil Games Best To Worst(Main series) (Archived)
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In Resident Evil 7... (Archived)Ebb1993711/21/2013
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