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If this game takes place after re5... (Archived)Shadowlinkex61/25/2012
New Character Theories That Actually MAKE SENSE! (Archived)Rick1Shot91/25/2012
Survival Horror is a sub genre of action adventure. (Archived)
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It's been four years. Why isn't Leon still sexy?!?! (Archived)Xespool81/25/2012
Claire is pretty much a sure bet (Archived)
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How pissed will you be... (Archived)torey_caylor91/25/2012
If SOPA is released into the internet... (Archived)superh31/25/2012
Who here hasn't played REmake? (Archived)
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Cool Pop Block by GT on trailer (might be already posted) (Archived)BCJMU9971/25/2012
New VO for leon?? (Archived)bladessx61991/25/2012
Zombies and LasPlagas (Archived)Slit_Zurifa101/25/2012
So.... (Archived)Nall77101/25/2012
My theory on why the China section has to be after RE5 (Archived)
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When the demo for RE 5 got released? (Archived)Safer_77741/25/2012
Why did I see cover based shooting in a survival horror game? (Archived)
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Third Char Theory (Archived)
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Hopefully that blond woman who shot (?) the President will not be the new Sheva. (Archived)Evangelized101/25/2012
I hope it's no co-op (Archived)AmazingDany91/24/2012
Demo with Operation Raccoon City? (Archived)Mitsuhide1181/24/2012
Ashley or Sherry (Archived)
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