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LAN co-op like in Resident Evil 5?

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3 years ago#1
Games for Windows Live is far from perfect, but it did have it's good aspects. One of those was being able to play a game with family (e.g. brother) using the same CD key. So, not only would we have to buy the same game 3 times so we can play with each other, but I have the sneaking suspicion this game more than likely won't have LAN because of Steam (yes, I know there are games that do have it).

Can anyone who has the game explain what kind of co-op there is? Because if my suspicions are true, we are going to wait quite a while until the price drops a lot.
3 years ago#2
There is a splitscreen coop, havent tried it yet. I think you need a controller for player 2
3 years ago#3
I see...

So, that's it? Only split-screen? Extremely disappointed if it is.
3 years ago#4
I don't know why this is. The 360 version supported LAN play, but the PC version does not seem to.
3 years ago#5
Really? Wow. Incredibly lame that they take it out, especially when it was in the previous title. Everyone should be complaining about this.
3 years ago#6
I'm going to wait for the first patch to see if they fix it. If not, I will probably contact Capcom.
3 years ago#7
That's all well and good,'re only one person. Unless the community itself starts complaining about it everywhere, I don't think they'd do anything. Why would they care what only a few people have to say?

EDIT: I've heard some people claim that this game is ported from the PS3 version. Don't know if that is true...
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  3. LAN co-op like in Resident Evil 5?

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