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5 years ago#1

After much tinkering with the create a player mode in this game, I've managed to create decent replicas of Marat Safin and Carlos Moya for the game. You can make them look very much like their real life counterparts, especially Safin, since you get a good amount of adidas clothing in the game. Both are at level 20. You can also find their vitals on atptour.com too, if you want to make your own! So if you're interested, read on, if not, no worries!


Gold Coach-Stephen Babb (everything unlocked for him)

Upgrades - SV-1, Off. Baseline-15, Def. Baseline-4 (All groundstroke upgrades to Backhand)


Forehand-65, Backhand-85, Serve-85, Volley-42, Power-84, Stamina-80, Speed-52, Reflexes-50

-FocusService, Serve Stick Berserker

And any decent combination of adidas clothing you can muster. Racket is the Head Microgel Prestige MP. Again, vitals are on atptour.com for height...I made Safin with the next to highest muscle rating for the more realistic look, so he weight will be more. But as far as I can tell, it has no bearing on gameplay. After playing around with the face, you can really do a good Safin for this game. I gave him the default pinpoint service motion, the more simple backswing for the two handed backhand, and the sweeping motion for the forehand. Although on grass, Safin seems to use the funky Nadal/Monfils forehand motion...but whatever! Grunts should be set for 'never.' Temperament should be focused. He'll still be pretty animated on the court!

The ratings and abilities make for a Safin that plays similarly to how he did when he was on the tour. You have to play a simple, straight forward game to win. And the backhand is one of the best pure shots in the game in terms of both backhand rating and power. Safin actually had a very good record in matches that went 5 sets, so his stamina rating is pretty solid. Like the real life Safin, this build is good for all surfaces, due to the simplicity of the tactics you must use to win. Plays surprisingly well on clay.


Gold Coach-Peto Chesire (everything unlocked)

Upgrades - SV-2, Off Baseline-10, Def Baseline-8 (All groundstroke upgrades to Forehand)


Forehand-85, Backhand-65, Serve-68, Volley-46, Power-71, Stamina-79, Speed-68, Reflexes-53

-Topspin Invasion, Poisoned Slices

Moya is a bit trickier. You have some good Nike clothing to choose from, but you'll need to give him one of the Fila sleeveless shirts. And the Advantage bandana hairstyle, with the one that...well...looks like Moya's hairstyle. You'll know the one. Again, next to highest muscle rating for Moya, and the 6/19 tattoo for his upper right arm. Service motion is default pinpoint stance, forehand is same looping sweeping motion as Safin, but backhand is going to be the looping baseball swing looking backhand. Grunt should be the second of the 3, and set for 'always.' Temperament is 'focused.'

Like in real life, Moya will rely on his pure forehand, but you'll have to win with a touch of finesse as well as power. Compares pretty accurately to this game's version of Nadal. Moya was never a monster hitter, he played more ofa looping game. He's an OK defensive player, but not great. If you find yourself on the run, you'll need to break out the slice to get yourself back in the point. His serve rating is just high enough to use his serve as an offensive weapon, for his big first serve-forehand bread and butter combo. His slices are going to be pretty good, so don't hesitate to hit slice backhands during rallies, since they'll be better than his topspin backhands. Like in real life, actually. Unlike in real life, this Moya build will actually play decently on grass. If you get a short ball, do yourself a favor and hit an inside-out flat forehand for an easy putaway!

So there you have it. Any suggestions, let me know...this topic is mainly for people looking to use the create a player option to make pro players. Also, intertopspintour.com has a great gold coach generator that can help anyone looking to make pro players as well! Part of the fun is making these pros mirror their real life counterparts' strengths and weaknesses.

5 years ago#2
If your up to it, I'd be interested in seeing a David Nalbandian character set up.
Go with the flow.
5 years ago#3
I'll definitely see what I can come up with, I always liked watching Nalbandian play. I'm in the middle of tweaking CAP's of Fernando Gonzalez and Marcelo Rios right now...and Rios is very, very tricky to nail down. Part of the challenge is having these CAP builds reflect the players' real life strengths and weaknesses.
5 years ago#4
Nalbandian is one of my favorite players. He probably won't be as difficult as Rios to create. Rios is another underachiever that I loved to watch play as well lol. Very talented player.
Go with the flow.
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