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Soldier...fun and feasible? (Archived)GapingMaw19/23/2013
Game ruined by hacker...? (Archived)philcelica15/2/2013
borderlands duble add on pack update (Archived)derohov11/3/2013
Gameplay Slowdown? (Archived)Critic4Life111/11/2012
Is there any way to increase your backpack storage? (Archived)Jalgraxa29/23/2012
Is there anywhere to store your gear for later use? (Archived)Jalgraxa29/16/2012
Crawmerax help (Archived)Kernowheal18/29/2012
Is it confirmed that Claptrap DLC collectibles won't carry over to PT2? (Archived)littlefuzzy118/26/2012
different play through question (Archived)DackWellers17/31/2012
Is it worth playing the DLC before finishing the main game or after? (Archived)DudeElLoco17/10/2012
never played before... (Archived)MaddenPlaya2326/9/2012
Question (Archived)Trunks482215/24/2012
Thinking about getting this game (Archived)DackWellers35/22/2012
list your best and strongest weapons here!!! (Archived)neovector85/4/2012
Do I need to use the goty disk to use the dlc on the disk? (Archived)Mr_Metalhead11135/2/2012
Using Borderland saves on Goty version? (Archived)maxmaullu34/14/2012
Questions about Borderlands: Game of the year edition.... (Archived)moniewitch24/12/2012
GOTY 19.99new/17.99 used with dlc on disc!!!! (Archived)neovector14/8/2012
DLC expansions ? (Archived)magiceddie0524/6/2012
The only problem with doing the DLC in PT1 is overleveling? (Archived)bethyreed13/22/2012
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