I Wish Obama Were In This

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What would Obama say to Cloud?

"Yes, you can be interested!"

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I guess that Obama and Squall would get along, since......nvm...
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http://content.ytmnd.com/content/c/4/3/c43db51bb449373a3e4b5aa67252ee4d.gif if obama had his own game
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Hero side

Villian side
Ronald F*@#$@ Reagan
and arguably Ahaaannoold
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What will Obama's music be? I'm gonna say.......this.
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Arnold will always be a hero.
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Yes because when I think Final fantasy characters I think...
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the guy who sits in the ******* chair 24/7 and make wiseass speeches but dont do ****???

I love that guy!
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who would be the hero then?