Lack of Tifa

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6 years ago#71
including spin offs would mean including stuff like FFT, FFGaiden...

which would be awesome, actually. :0
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6 years ago#72
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6 years ago#73
Aside from the potentiality of Zack/Genesis being like Cloud/Seph, I just don't see why so many people want more sword-using-young-men (SUYM) in general when they already dominate the roster
6 years ago#74
Frankly Id sooner Elena of the Turks.

Or Aeiris...or Red XIII..or someone who doesn't get into slap fights with office workers. Really what kinda black belt slaps someone trying to get them killed instead of round house kicking them into the ocean.

But yeah she'd make a great addition to the plot, we really do need someone to cling to Cloud's every delusions and decision. sarcasm
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6 years ago#75
But if Tifa isn't here who will the characters take a bath with?
6 years ago#76
she is probably iin this one if you ask me :P

..Live and let live..

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