EXP, AP, KP grinding, level 100 gear and the infamous Iai Strike build.

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Alright, first off, this is not written by me, I am merely compiling all the info from Gamefaqs and Dissidiaforums that I found useful into one topic for easy reference for everyone's convenience. Credits are given at the end of each section to the respective poster.

Exp Grinding

On the Main Menu, go to the sixth menu option: Data Config (Where Tifa's silhouette is shown)
Go to the bottom option: Original Rules
Select one of the tabs on the left side of the menu: No Rule
Select the first option: Edit

Here, you'll see a menu with a list on the right side, and an information window on the left. These are where we're gonna change the rules. Select the lines and follow the directions of where to set it. Leave all others untouched...

Initial Stage Bravery - 1000
Critical Hit Rate - 1000
Critical Hit Damage - 1000
EX Core Appearance Rate - 4
EX Core Absorption - 700
EX Force Absorption - 0
EX Mode Duration - 120
Wall Rush Damage - 200
Bravery Bonus - -100
EX Revenge Duration - 10

Now, what this ruleset does is drastically increase the power of Critical hits, so much that even a Level 1 can put a dent in a Level 100's Bravery. Plus, the EX Core appearance is so high, that collecting one will automatically make another appear, and just picking up the EX Core fills out your gauge to go EX. While in EX Mode (which will last for 120 seconds at maximum), you have a higher Critical Hit chance, while the Criticals themselves do a lot of damage. Try for Wall Rush for a lot of extra HP damage to quicken the pace, now that it's at 200%. With the altered Bravery Bonus at -100, you will now start with a maximized Bravery score pretty much allowing you to deal the maximum amount of damage at the outset of battle.

Exit the menus, and you'll now have a great grinding set. Name it if you like. Then when you're setting up a Free Battle against Gabranth...

Map - Edge of Madness
Opponent Strength - Set to Maximum (9)
Opponent Level - Set to 100
Opponent Type - Set to Extreme (7)
Rules - Set to "EXP Grinder" (7)
Judgment - Keep at current setting (None)

When fighting Gabranth, having his Strength set to 9 gives the greatest amount of EXP for your trouble. However, he's also a lot more active than Exdeath could ever hope to be. By selecting the Edge of Madness as your stage, the EX Core will always appear in the same spot (Chaos' throne). The best trick learned with this set-up is to snag a Core, then wait for Gabranth to attack you. Use EX Revenge to break out of the attack, quickly grab the new EX Core, go EX, and then use an HP Attack+EX Burst on Gabranth before EX Revenge ends. Rinse and repeat until you win the battle!

In EX Mode, you can quickly blaze through a Level 100 Exdeath or Gabranth, and even end it with an EX Burst for that Bonus EXP. Be sure to equip all of your EXP Boosting items beforehand (Chocobo Down, Feather and Wing), get a 5x EXP Bonus from the Black Chocobo play plan, and you should get to level 97 if you have at least a Down and Wing and finish Gabranth off with an EX Burst.

by TWOxACROSS from dissidiaforums

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Level 100 gear farming

This method will get you the Lufenian equipment set, which was originally your prize from the Blackjack course in the first Dissidia game.

First, you need to unlock Scenario 000. Either buy it from the PP shop for 2000 PP after clearing the 012 storyline, or clear the 013 storyline to get it for free.

Next, you need to beat the Moogle dungeon in 000. It have a bonus line level of only 70-80, so a team of level 100 characters with even just lvl 30 gear should be able to clear it (I stuck to the bonus line level with lvl 60 gear, and had no problems). Since you want level 100 equipment, I'm going to assume that you have level 100 characters, and thus this should be no problem for you.

The Moogle ("Chasm of the Rotting Earth") dungeons is located on the bottom left of the map, accessed by the Melmond teleport stone.

Next, you need to defeat the first Feral Chaos boss fight in the Southern Lufenian Gateway. Yuna is a godsend here; he just doesn't know how to dodge Mega Flare. Cloud of Darkness is also not bad from what I've heard; you can camp out high above FC's head and spam Fusillade or something, since he has a poor vertical game. Anyway, I beat him with lvl 60 equipment, since the fight revolves around HP-chipping him (after 60 seconds passes, he gets 90x multiplier on a +5% damage accessory, which makes him auto-break you regardless of equipment if he lands any attack). You can use all five characters in your party, so they each just need to do about 13k damage.

After defeating the first Feral Chaos boss, use the teleport stones to take you to the Citadel of Trials. The dungeon here has some red treasure chests that contain enemies. Take the ones along the edge of the stage, and you'll fight level 80-ish manikins. Defeating them will net you one random piece of Lufenian gear. But do NOT open the red treasure chest in the center of the map. It contains a level 127 Sephiroth manikin. So unless you really want the challenge...

By Espeon8 from Gamefaqs

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AP Grinding

Equips/ Accessories you would like to have: (not essential, but obviously the more the better)
Diamond set equips = +100% AP
Beckoning Cat = +100% AP
Diamond Ring = +400% AP, Breakability 100%
Diamond Necklace = +200% AP, Breakability 100%
Diamond Earring = +100% AP, Breakability 100%
The English names maybe off since I dun have the EU/NA version XD
Now this gives you a total of +900% AP = x10

In case you dunno how to get those Diamond accessories, here's how I got mine, there maybe more ways to obtain though, dun worry, you just need 1 of each :
Diamond Ring: chest in story mode
Diamond Necklace: Reward of Arcade - Standard Mode (5x battles one) - Normal difficulty
Diamond Earring: Reward of Arcade - Quick Mode (3x battles one)

Hero's Spirit x2 + Hero's Essence for more CP to equip more skills.

Set your PSP to your Special day or any day with the +AP bonus, with the max AP+3 bonus.

Now go to Scenario 000: Confessions of the Creator and enter the Second dungeon when you first play through this mode. The name of the dungeon should be Gateway of Good and Evil Once inside, right below (south) your starting grid is a Accessory Protection crest with 2 enemy pieces next to it. Fighting on this crest will NOT break any accessory. Therefore, kill the 2 enemies, save and exit, re-enter... repeat.

Each battle should give you 40/50/60/70 AP depends on what AP chance you get.

By ujhbn from dissidiaforums
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KP Grinding

Step 0
You need to have at least beat 012 storyline and can play Scenario 000: Confessions of the Creator.

Step 1
Obtain 5x Map skill KP Bonus (doubles your current KP).
Can be located in various chests on the world map, but more importantly can be bought from the Cornelia Moogle on either of the two days following your Bonus day. Alternate your PSP's clock between those two days and buy five of the skills, as he only sells one a day. You may need to complete 013 story or obtain 1500 KP (the exact trigger is unsure) to get the skill to appear.

Step 2
Create a custom rule:
EX force absorption > max
Wall Rush damage > max

Other settings are unimportant

Then equip your character with:
Force to Courage accessory (obtained from Accomplishment 069: Bonus Round, successfully complete AP chance 100 times)
Pearl Necklace (optional, but helps)

What this does is turn up the absorption rate for EX to the point where even a little bit of EX force would normally max your EX gauge. With Force to Courage equipped, this means that same little bit of EX force will instantly max your brave to 9999.

All you really need to do to win battles is use a single quick attack that causes chase. Go into chase, and use an HP attack. Your brave should max out instantly unless the computer refuses to dodge at all. All battles should look like this.

Attack > Chase > HP > Win

If the computer dodges your HP attack, reset and try again until it doesn't.

This can be combined with Iai Strike or Level 1 builds effectively.

Step 3
To maximize results, the higher level dungeon = the higher level bonus line = higher starting KP. Some later dungeons have Moogle Statues that instantly double (Silver Statue) or triple (Gold statue) your KP.

And at late game, it is suggested to try in the "The Dragon King's Gateway" which has both a silver and gold Moogle Statue. The dungeon has 10 floors, and the KP chance is win in under 60 seconds.

Starting KP 99, x32, x2, x3 = 19008 KP minimum (even if you fail every KP chance)

If you complete every single KP chance, you get around 28000+ KP. With the above method, battles only last around 10 seconds average anyway, so that shouldn't be an issue.

The dungeon at the north eastern island "The Forsaken Lands", has 2 silver Moogle statues and 1 gold statue. Because the KP chance is to break in 60 seconds, use the Iai Strike method is recommended. You could get around 53000+ AP if completed all KP chances.

By ujhbn from dissidiaforums
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Level 1 infinite assist/Smiting Soul build

Level Gap 90
Level 1-9
Near Loss
Safety Bit
Smithing Soul
Side by Side

+EXP->HP from abilities gives you:

You break your foes brave with every attack
You gain 1 assist bar charge with every HP attack landed
You will always survive a HP attack if you have more than 1 HP
Every HP attack you land will heal you (so you no longer have 1 hp)
You can also use your Assist to block any attack that would kill you if you do have 1 HP.

By VCP from gamefaqs
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Alright, that's it, you can post now!
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Nice idea,TC.

Lol,that Lai Strike build sounds insane.I'll have to try it when I get Smiting Soul.(I have the right mog card for it,but everytime I beat that Yuna,I get other items instead of that one)
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Pretty useful stuff. Thanks.
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Nice thread. This should serve useful for people wondering how to grind.
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