EXP, AP, KP grinding, level 100 gear and the infamous Iai Strike build.

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azsxdcfvgbhnj posted...
So what am I doing wrong in the EXP thing?

Gabranth just one-shots me, breaking my Brave to 0 with every single attack, even if I EX-guard - meaning my subsequent HP attacks do nothing at all.
Also, having 900000 Ex Cores spawning every second just means Gabranth easily goes into EX Mode and kills me that way as well.

I'm having this same problem. Help? Thanks in advance.
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This has probably been mentioned but you can mess with your systems clock to make it 'bonus day' forever...

I hope this isn't considered a 'cheat'
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I actually made a very similar ruleset to the exp grinding one you posted. Except mine was solely for friend card purposes. It was so i could easily battlegen the "lv" icon accessories, with ex cores everywhere to spam my ex bursts, but i did put in bravery boost -100 to kill my level 100's with lv ones in one hit. Its just missing a lot of extra stuff you had in there to make leveling easier. the only character i have left to get to lv 100 is chaos, and i need to unlock him anyway.
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Next, you need to beat the Moogle dungeon in 000. It have a bonus line level of only 70-80, so a team of level 100 characters with even just lvl 30 gear should be able to clear it (I stuck to the bonus line level with lvl 60 gear, and had no problems). Since you want level 100 equipment, I'm going to assume that you have level 100 characters, and thus this should be no problem for you.

Heheh. I beat it with a level 40 and every one else between the levels of 33 and 38.
Turtles are amazing. No lie. Just like how Golbez is the best thing to happen to gaming. The Official Theodore Harvey of the Dissidia 012 board, i guess.
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You can't just list a bunch of random stuff together without telling us what it is, where we get those specific items and how you get those specific items and say that you gave us a build to follow because it isn't.
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hi, i sold my level 1-9 accessorie for the lai strike, can i get it back? If yes how?
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I have noticed that if you use the chaos judgement it becomes much much easier to farm for exp, also chaos speeds the leveling up, the common chaos give 3 times the exp that gabranth does, simply due that you figth him over a period of 3 rounds.
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Good guide and all, but this requires people to be decent at the game for any of that to even work.
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Someone may have said this already, but if you use Golbez against the feral chaos boss, you can spam nightglow like there's no tomorrow. You literally just float over to him and toss it out. It beats ventus ire and low altitude lux magnus.