EXP, AP, KP grinding, level 100 gear and the infamous Iai Strike build.

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azsxdcfvgbhnj posted...
So what am I doing wrong in the EXP thing?

Gabranth just one-shots me, breaking my Brave to 0 with every single attack, even if I EX-guard - meaning my subsequent HP attacks do nothing at all.
Also, having 900000 Ex Cores spawning every second just means Gabranth easily goes into EX Mode and kills me that way as well.

hmm. after ex revenge-ing, are you picking up the next EX core? it'll make your ex gauge full again, allowing you to ex mode, then ex burst. then repeat. if you died, there's still a rematch option :)) goodluck levelling
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yeah his lai strike build works wonders lol i beat lv 123-127's with a lv 1 laguna
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HolyDragonFire posted...
Alright, first off, this is not written by me, I am merely compiling all the info from Gamefaqs and Dissidiaforums that I found useful into one topic for easy reference for everyone's convenience. Credits are given at the end of each section to the respective poster.

Exp Grinding

On the Main Menu, go to the sixth menu option: Data Config (Where Tifa's silhouette is shown)
Go to the bottom option: Original Rules
Select one of the tabs on the left side of the menu: No Rule
Select the first option: Edit

Here, you'll see a menu with a list on the right side, and an information window on the left. These are where we're gonna change the rules. Select the lines and follow the directions of where to set it. Leave all others untouched...

Initial Stage Bravery - 1000
Critical Hit Rate - 1000
Critical Hit Damage - 1000
EX Core Appearance Rate - 4
EX Core Absorption - 700
EX Force Absorption - 0
EX Mode Duration - 120
Wall Rush Damage - 200
Bravery Bonus - -100
EX Revenge Duration - 10

Now, what this ruleset does is drastically increase the power of Critical hits, so much that even a Level 1 can put a dent in a Level 100's Bravery. Plus, the EX Core appearance is so high, that collecting one will automatically make another appear, and just picking up the EX Core fills out your gauge to go EX. While in EX Mode (which will last for 120 seconds at maximum), you have a higher Critical Hit chance, while the Criticals themselves do a lot of damage. Try for Wall Rush for a lot of extra HP damage to quicken the pace, now that it's at 200%. With the altered Bravery Bonus at -100, you will now start with a maximized Bravery score pretty much allowing you to deal the maximum amount of damage at the outset of battle.

Exit the menus, and you'll now have a great grinding set. Name it if you like. Then when you're setting up a Free Battle against Gabranth...

Map - Edge of Madness
Opponent Strength - Set to Maximum (9)
Opponent Level - Set to 100
Opponent Type - Set to Extreme (7)
Rules - Set to "EXP Grinder" (7)
Judgment - Keep at current setting (None)

When fighting Gabranth, having his Strength set to 9 gives the greatest amount of EXP for your trouble. However, he's also a lot more active than Exdeath could ever hope to be. By selecting the Edge of Madness as your stage, the EX Core will always appear in the same spot (Chaos' throne). The best trick learned with this set-up is to snag a Core, then wait for Gabranth to attack you. Use EX Revenge to break out of the attack, quickly grab the new EX Core, go EX, and then use an HP Attack+EX Burst on Gabranth before EX Revenge ends. Rinse and repeat until you win the battle!

In EX Mode, you can quickly blaze through a Level 100 Exdeath or Gabranth, and even end it with an EX Burst for that Bonus EXP. Be sure to equip all of your EXP Boosting items beforehand (Chocobo Down, Feather and Wing), get a 5x EXP Bonus from the Black Chocobo play plan, and you should get to level 97 if you have at least a Down and Wing and finish Gabranth off with an EX Burst.

by TWOxACROSS from dissidiaforums

"And then it was all over. The storm seemed to lose its frenzy.
The ragged clouds gave way to the stars above."

I'd like to add that having the Odins (Manual and Auto) helps a LOT! With the stage bravery being at 9999, the minute you break him, and HP attack him he's most lickly dead! Add the Ex-Burst damage...and well ya that's a lot of experiencein like 45 seconds.... I read through the trick like three times, and did not see anything like this, or read how this contradicts the trick...so if it helps, congrats! ^()^

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Bad thing abotu the whole ExBurst...Gilgamesh's sucks if you get 1 of the 99 Excalipoor!! Excalibur is the 100th sword....also forgot to say something about the Odin help:

Have Odin for the reasons I listed on the quote. But on the later levels (90-99) I used Force to Courage Accessory and just spammed HP attacks because by those levels the Auto Odin wont work unless Gabranth hits you and get enough bravery to 1-hit kill you.

That brings me to the next help: Final Posiition/Decision (preferably Final Decision) equiped since you should still have like 6-7 slots opened. This alows you to survive 1 hit that can break you (Position) or 1 Combo that can break you (Decision). That way the Auto Odin works when Gabranth is ready to kill you and then you can retaliate and finish him off!

Now forthe Odin Rechargers!! With the 3 Chocobo items on, Force to Courage, AND Final Decision, you should have about 4-5 slots left! I'd suggest putting on accessories to increase Summon charges like Rabbits Foot Lucky Charm, and Blazing Totoma...I think it's called: Summon Charge +2; Absorb ExForce after Summoning is the affect. This way you do two battles (which probably isn't needed) and one of your Odins are ready!

This is what my Accessories look like when doing the trick (some of them contradict the rules for the trick): Lucky Charm, Rabbits Foot, 2Growth Eggs, Fake Mustache, Chocobo Down, Wing, Feather,Final Decision, Center of the World/ Force to Courage. That helped me a LOT! Especially withGelgasmesh when his ExBurst was FAILED!

I think that's all I remembered doing...again this is just a suggestion to an already-working plan. So just...add it to the original plan if you think it'll help you out!

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Question about the lai strike build...whats the reason for using boosters like Near Loss, weaponless, Lvl 1-9, etc. instead of Lvl Gap 30/40/50/etc.? You're already using lvl gap 90 so what am I missing here?
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HolyDragonFire posted...
AP Grinding

Equips/ Accessories you would like to have: (not essential, but obviously the more the better)
Diamond set equips = +100% AP
Beckoning Cat = +100% AP
Diamond Ring = +400% AP, Breakability 100%
Diamond Necklace = +200% AP, Breakability 100%
Diamond Earring = +100% AP, Breakability 100%
The English names maybe off since I dun have the EU/NA version XD
Now this gives you a total of +900% AP = x10

In case you dunno how to get those Diamond accessories, here's how I got mine, there maybe more ways to obtain though, dun worry, you just need 1 of each :
Diamond Ring: chest in story mode
Diamond Necklace: Reward of Arcade - Standard Mode (5x battles one) - Normal difficulty
Diamond Earring: Reward of Arcade - Quick Mode (3x battles one)

Hero's Spirit x2 + Hero's Essence for more CP to equip more skills.

Set your PSP to your Special day or any day with the +AP bonus, with the max AP+3 bonus.

Now go to Scenario 000: Confessions of the Creator and enter the Second dungeon when you first play through this mode. The name of the dungeon should be Gateway of Good and Evil Once inside, right below (south) your starting grid is a Accessory Protection crest with 2 enemy pieces next to it. Fighting on this crest will NOT break any accessory. Therefore, kill the 2 enemies, save and exit, re-enter... repeat.

Each battle should give you 40/50/60/70 AP depends on what AP chance you get.

By ujhbn from dissidiaforums
"And then it was all over. The storm seemed to lose its frenzy.
The ragged clouds gave way to the stars above."

Again I did what the guide said and I added a little of my touch to it!

First of, my equips are full diamond set on everyone, that's right EVERYONE! The people who can't use swords or any other diamond piece I gave them the Lore to let them were a diamond piece (Yuna has a Knight Lore to use Diamond Sword, naturally uses Diamond Hairpen and Diamond Cuff)

Second, this is what my accessories look like on EVERY single character who I'm "mastering:" 2Hero Spirits, Hero Essence, Force of Courage Beckoning Cat, SuperShine, Mog Amulet, Diamond Ring, Diamond Necklace, and Diamon Studs/Earings.

What does this do? The Mog and Shine are just for the hell of it, since the Acc are protected I might as well farm a couple of things off the CoD and Emperor. However everything else is pretty important to the trick, not required but recommended. Why? BECAUSE **** SAID SO! No, I'm playing....

The Diamonds are part of the trick bla bla and so are the Hero stuff, oh and the cat. The addition is the Force of Courage. I added it because I'm also using the KP Farming trick at the same time.

*Read the KP Farming Guide to understand how this part works*

This'll give you 9999 Bravery if you go in a chase and they fail-dodge your attack. When you hit with all that bravery with no fails (almost no chance of failing) you'll easly get the AP bonus from the battle!

So again take my Accessory adivse, the KP Guide, and KICK SOME BUTT!!

I didn't say this in my last post so I'll say it here: I thank the guys who originally made the tricks/guides for making them, and I thank HolyDragonFire for actually posting it up here! I'm glad I was able to find this and cut my work in half. Before all these, I was grinding on Choas at level 1 for AP and level 1, 20, and level 50 for Exp...it was more fun but took too much time...so THANKS!

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ExplosPlankton posted...
Question about the lai strike build...whats the reason for using boosters like Near Loss, weaponless, Lvl 1-9, etc. instead of Lvl Gap 30/40/50/etc.? You're already using lvl gap 90 so what am I missing here?

you can only equip 1 lvl gab booster
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the kp thing did not work for me ,i did the part where i can get 19008 kp in dragon king's gate way
then when i finished that gateway i only got 869kp why
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anime_lover213 posted...
the kp thing did not work for me ,i did the part where i can get 19008 kp in dragon king's gate way
then when i finished that gateway i only got 869kp why

lol. XD maybe there's a lvl100 char in your party. i dunno. but i didn't do dragon king's gate way. i did the forsaken island which is helluva lot better, for me. gave me 50,000 KP and lots of electrum and other's. also, there's this cool floor which is composed mostly of treasure chests XD containing........
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i found a glitch in the game, When the chocobo exp thing is at 5x exp, you go into a battle, I like to vs tidus cuz hes easy to read imo just run around and wait for him to hit you and just block it and go wild while he is recovering/ but yer u can do this near the start of the game, make you own rule so u can gain brave easy againts a high level
Equip all your exp multipliers
set battle level at maximum
Vs a lvl 100 tidus
Put on your own custom rule, one that allows for high damage and easy ex mode
Win with an ex burth for bonus Exp

Okay now heres the best part. Finish the battle and when you do go to th Battle setup option. Once ur back to battle setup QUIT THE GAME. The game saves after the battle before u go to the battle set up menu but the chocobo bonus stays still stays a 5x when u open the game again and ur character has kept his lvl.

pretty useful, i got all my characters to lvl 100 in less than 1 hr give it a try :)