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What? That is crazy, how do you even remember what doors you have opened and not opened? :/
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Instead of making a new topic, I thought it'd be wiser to ask it here.

I'm confused. I did read the first posts, and still am not sure. We enter the labyrinth without any items. 'Kay. As we go, we find treasures chests. They may contain regular equips, or items with a tent-like symbol. We can use them in the Labyrinth... but how exactly is it that we use these items on the regular game?

Those Cottage/Tent thing is confusing. u_u"

PS: I did play around the labyrinth a bit once. Somehow I took a tent-icon weapon with me, that I could use in the storyline. But I couldn't tell if the other items went along.
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Simple, the other items did not. Any item you obtain in the labyrinth does not leave the labyrinth unless it has the cave symbol, in which case in will then appear in your inventory in all other modes.

And keeping track of which exits you've used is easy, the game puts a check mark over the ones you have used.
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So... all the battlegen I get there are for nothing? So shopping there is pointless? (getting 1 gil per fight doesn't help, anyway)

Guess that I'll wait to get those Cave Equipments some other day. u_u"
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I have an accomplishment-related Labyrinth question.
where are the goals to intermediary, greenhorn and virtuoso?
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I reached the Cloister of Agony level 28 and the Rage of Conflict was not there. Plenty of good stuff and an exit, but no Rage of Conflict. :(
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And keeping track of which exits you've used is easy, the game puts a check mark over the ones you have used.

Not on doors, on goals yes, but not individual doors. Are they required for 100%?
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For those interested, a larger version of the Labyrinth map, IMO one easier to navigate. Though it would take a bit of work, if people would find it helpful I could add a chart under the map detailing the different cloister gimmicks and the requirements to unlock the doors.

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I would like to note to OP, that the first opponent in the Cloister of Rivals 2 is Golbeza, not Garland. I just went through there right now. You should fix that in your first post. Also, the F.Chaos in Rivals 2 does NOT have 10K HP, he has 8K. : /
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