Complete Labyrinth Shop Equipment List

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Ryan86 posted...
Hey guys, instead of creating a new topic about the Labyrinth, I thought it'd better ask here, since this topic will be checked by those interested into farming stuff, and both my questions is related to such a thing...

1) I remember there being Cave Equipments available as cards (costing medals, of course). However it's been a while... Are the "Cave Equipments cards" found in the Labyrinth those "exclusive sets", or is it possible to find stuff from the list above, that's available on the shop? I ask this because getting 2 equipments from the shop on each run (as we can obtain only 2 ___ of Conflict per run) will make this take quite a while.

2) Say I enter the Labyrinth with "Cave items". They are taken from my "universal inventory" and, unless I leave from a goal or exit with a Geomancer card, I'll lose them: I recall losing the very few Death Strike equips found in the beginning when I tried using Jecht (I wasn't good with his combos). But say, if I die with my last character, but turn off the game before the "you lost" screen (that prompts a save), will it consider how I've never entered the Labyrinth at all?

The reason for the second question is that, for later farming, it's best starting on some advanced stage, using high level Cave Equipment from the universal inventory, but then we'll be short of characters, and I surely do not want to lose high level Equips after such a hard time getting them. >_<

1.) Good question. I actually forgot to mention this.
Some of the Labyrinth Shop Equipment can be obtained as prizes when you reach the goal of a certain Galleria/Cloister. So yes, all of the "Cave Items" you find (that aren't from a set) are also items that are from this list.

2.) Nope, If you do that, the game will just automatically assume you lost and will still take away all the equipment you entered the Labyrinth with. Trust me, I've also tried doing this and the Cave Items I equipped before entering the Labyrinth still disappeared... and those were Delight of Conflict equipment.. T_T
So never turn off/exit your game while Inside the Labyrinth if you don't want those Items to disappear.
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Thanks for the replies, buddy!

I guess it's safe to assume that the game "updates" the universal inventory by removing the Cave items equipped as soon as we begin the Labyrinth, and only "reupdates" it with the ones obtained after reaching a Goal or exitting with Geomancer. Oh well! They really didn't make it any easy this time around.

And good to know it's possible to find some random Cave equipments besides the exclusive sets as cards along the way! This should help a little on the farming. Now, to find some free time.... u_u"

Thanks for all the help once again!
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Woww that's sooo awesome.

I love how some the equipment names seems to be references to other oldschool Square RPGS like Chrono Trigger and Bahamut Lagoon.
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Excuse me, I don't think we've been formally intro-moosed.
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is this possible to get all the cave items from the shop fighting in the cloister of rivals 2???
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No. The only items that can be found in Cloister of Rivals 2 are the Rage of Conflict weapons. No other Labyrinth equipment will appear there.
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too bad, i guess i should farm from those items in the hard and long way :S
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You probably should.
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That would be the best thing to do.
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So, is the only way to get 100 percent with the shop is to go through 100 percent of the Labyrinth? I ask because, this is exasperating, starting over with no gear, every battle being nearly one hit kill more or less past the 47 percent mark, and I am not even half way through, it really sounds like a grueling nightmare to make it to the end, does anyone have any tips to streamline the process?