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i need help getting Scarletite (Archived)Sephiroth4ev37/22 12:53PM
Ad Hoc between VITA and PS TV (Archived)crtl_alt_del27/19 6:52AM
Confirm/Deny - Late 000 is annoying and tedious. (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Sailor_Razor177/18 10:38PM
What am I missing? (Archived)TidalFloood47/18 10:41AM
How's this setup for Jecht? (Archived)Sailor_Razor107/17 4:42AM
Let's talk - Omni Block. (Exdeath) (Archived)Sailor_Razor47/15 9:41AM
I just got it, but I don't understand anything. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Soul59127/13 10:33PM
Here's hoping we can transfer save data to Dissidia 3. (Archived)cody31647/13 8:09PM
Should Exdeath have had a Wall Guard? (Archived)Sailor_Razor57/12 2:12AM
Labyrinth is garbage and shouldn't exist. Duel Colosseum is SO MUCH BETTER. Ugh. (Archived)Sailor_Razor47/10 7:13PM
(Feint) command chart moves, NOT Tifa (Archived)MrPibbs1147/10 5:44AM
Did the game ever had a GH version? (Archived)vitonemesis27/7 4:40AM
This game felt more like a add-on than a new game... (Archived)Zecon20397/6 7:31AM
I hate AP Chance. (Archived)Sailor_Razor77/6 7:24AM
How hard is the final boss? (Archived)Red Lobstar47/4 11:38AM
Here I thought I was doing alright... (Archived)Picheeks46/29 2:06PM
UK DLC question (need expert advice) (Archived)Zecon20346/27 4:46AM
One mild thing that annoys me a bit with Light To All. (Archived)Sailor_Razor26/26 10:56AM
Let's talk about presets. (Archived)Sailor_Razor46/24 1:06AM
Exdeath has the worst... (Archived)Sailor_Razor26/21 2:46PM
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