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Case 5's victim doesn't make sense... *mega spoilers*capefeather27/29 9:05PM
Honestly, every case, barring the first, loses all momentum right at the end.Garioshi27/29 1:37PM
Something I didn't understand from the final case (spoilers obviously)Korosensei57/27 10:10PM
Case 3 is one of my favorites in the entire series MAJOR SPOILERS
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Scirel197/27 12:23PM
Did anyone have toruble with dusting for prints in Case 5?orcus_snake27/25 1:26AM
So, is it bad that I've been spotting liars... *Spoilers, cases 1 to early 3*Meltemi_Rafala107/25 12:22AM
Who is your favourite new major character? (HUGE SPOILERS) (Poll)Ippongi_Ryuta97/24 9:21PM
gumshoe is awesome in this game.
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So in case 2... (case 2 spoilers)Lord_Tash37/23 7:36PM
So did anyone else find the case 4 villain better in case 5(MAJOR SPOILERS)?TheDarkShepard57/21 7:01PM
About Lion Lilies (spoilers. kind of)dpgoes37/20 11:24AM
ITT: Final Boss Reactions (obviously, SUPER DUPER SPOILERS)
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georgethecow4187/17 5:51AM
Issue with Case 1 (Spoilers for Case 1 only)MyDogSkip47/17 1:46AM
Case 4 plot holeW1lle107/16 8:57PM
Something strange happened in case 3, no spoilersTheBannedKid97/16 4:22PM
The mastermind had two really idiotic moments(SPOILERS obvs)TheDarkShepard67/16 4:21PM
What's that cellphone ring on Judge Courtney cellphone? (No spoilers)baschfon27/13 8:12PM
Something I don't understand about the mastermind's plan (spoilers!)Halladay3297/13 3:22PM
I don't remember much of AAI1. Should I replay it before playing this?MyDogSkip47/12 1:56PM
Oh Justine....Case 5 spoilers (Archived)
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