How do I donate the fossils?

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User Info: xxxxxn

5 years ago#1
I thought to donate the fossils, you had to talk to that one lady in the cleaning room, but when I have fossils and I talk to her, she just asks what I want to trade my donation points in for. There's no option to donate. Help!!!!

User Info: pokegamer1

5 years ago#2
you have to go to the cleaning station first and clean it off. then it automatically gets donated when it's all clean.
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User Info: xaioT_H

5 years ago#3
Okay bro, here's the explanation.
When you donate a fossil (and in champions, vivosaurs too) you've basically gotten a lower score than last time on it, and it will be automatically given to the fossil donor society thingy in exchange for donation points.
if you get 125-100 points (a perfect on a regular, and 125 if you already got a maximum), then it'll be donated for 10 points,
if you get 99-90, then it's 5 points
89-80, 4 points
79-70, 3 points
69-60, 2 points,
and 59-50, a single point
anything below 50 is (obviously) a failure.

let's say you scored 100 on a spinax skull, and you clean another and damage it by 1. then you'd get 5 donation points. but let's say you get a red spinax fossil and clean it perfectly, then it'd be intergrated into spinax.
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  3. How do I donate the fossils?

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