New Boneysauar Salada guid and more events commings

#1Heartless900900Posted 1/16/2012 7:41:16 PM
1 Get letter callled Bone from bouse data

2.Go to Tr

3. get a menchi

3 Put on the Salada Mask go back to and talk to Ryne

4. Go to Don Boneyard Base

5 Get a strong team and talk to Ryne and he battle win

After wining you get 3 icons you get a Ryne icon a Salada icon and Favre icon
and Salada


After wining Ryne will say he be back to beat you

and the Favre icon is icon that has a photo of a character that might be in next event

and go to Fossil Fighters: Champions web site and click to see all vivosaur and hit the ? sign to see all myster ones that are there and count the spots that are blanks.

link of the site