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5 years ago#1
Can anyone tell me the gamecube controls for this game? Havn't play a naruto game on the wii before.
5 years ago#2
Control pad or control stick = Move character
A button = Strong attack
B button = Weak attack
Y button = Throw
X button = Jutsu
L button/R button = Sidestep
L button = Neutral substitution
R button = Offensive substitution
Z button = Change target
Z button = Tag-in
Flick C stick = Deflect kunai
Y button = Combo cancel
B button = Wake up attack
A button = Wake up teleport
Start = Pause
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5 years ago#3

Characters are always focused on a single opponent at a time, and can move
toward or away from them. Double-tapping in the forward direction will result
in a dash while double-tapping in the back direction will result in a quick
back flip. They can also Sidestep left or right around their opponent in 3D
space. Moving up will allow the character to jump, and all characters can


Characters can guard oncoming attacks with auto guard (no button input) or
moving away from the attacker. They can only guard for as long as the Guard
Crush meter is not empty. The Guard Crush meter is diminished from guarding
attacks at a rate that varies based on the attack that is blocked. jutsus
cannot be guarded against and must be evaded.


There are various types of throws possible based on the character. Standard
throws are activated with the Throw button. Character specific throws (where
applicable) are activated by holding Down and pressing the Throw button.
Lastly, air throws are activated by pressing the Throw button when the
opponent is met in mid-air. "Tech-ing" a throw is achieved by pressing any
attack button at the same moment your opponent attempts to throw. This breaks
the opponent's throw attempt and pushes the characters away from each other.


Each character has a unique set of combo strings. These strings are visible
from the Attack List option in the Pause menu.

Substitution Jutsu:

Substitution Jutsu is a means of escaping attacks at the expense of
knj bar.......... a lot to explain. Probably someone else can tell you.

Wake Up Options:

Wake up options are executed by particular inputs as the character is rising
from the ground. There are three wake up options: Wake Up Attack, Wake Up
Substitution, or neutral wake up. Wake up attack results in a forward sweep
attack by using a Weak Attack while rising. This attack can be blocked and
costs no chakra. Wake up substitution is a defensive maneuver that teleports
the character behind the enemy by using a Strong Attack while rising; Wake up
substitutions cost 50% chakra. The character will simply stand and auto-guard
in a neutral wake up when no imputs are made.

Tech-Rolling allows your character to roll on the ground after being attacked
instead of landing flat. It's an automatic wake up that rolls in the
direction of your character's momentum and also adds 25% chakra meter.
Tech-Rolls are activated by using a Weak or Strong Attack just as your
character is about to hit the ground.

Canceling uses 25% chakra to interrupt a combo string and instantly return to
a neutral stance. To cancel, begin a combo string against an opponent. After
landing each hit, if a command launches the opponent into the air while your
character's feet are still on the ground, pressing the Throw button before
inputting the next command in the combo string will cancel the combo.
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5 years ago#4
It's pretty easy to pick up. Just play around with the game.
Naruto Shippuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen Special FC - (1635-0995-1941) Malex
Super Smash Bros. Brawl FC - (3953-3155-4483) Malex
5 years ago#5
Don't forget the C stick does quick Smash moves.
5 years ago#6
Naruto Shippuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen Special FC - (1635-0995-1941) Malex
Super Smash Bros. Brawl FC - (3953-3155-4483) Malex

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