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6 years ago#1
According to http://onlynodvd.blog137.fc2.com/blog-entry-67.html the cheats there can unlock the following characters:

Licorice (Anisette.US.)
Eleanor (Mrs.Varrot)
Nagisa (??)
Little Wing challenge (phantasy star portable 2??)

My guess is that these are tank stickers:
Lapiko (??)
Shining Tears (tank sticker??)
Gussuma Foreigner (Alien)
PuyoPuyo Sega
AirRaid Jelly
AirRaid Unicorn
Comp. Ace Logo
Comp. Aba koze
Lightning King Magari
Lightning Queen Alysse
Weeks Torosute (??)

I don't run CFW so I have no idea what they are though.
6 years ago#2
I'll try it out when I can. Looks interesting.
6 years ago#3
There will always be one new character (a lá Musaad and Jugin) that is only available after clearing the game once. Perhaps for this game it's 'Nagisa'.
6 years ago#4
Nagisa is a character from the new phantasy star portable rehash.


I'm guessing the small amount of extra characters is due to them actually having to make unique models for all of them.
6 years ago#5
Wow. Cool. Fencer I presume. This'll be cool.
6 years ago#6
Nagisa = Broadsword wielder.
6 years ago#7
Nagisa = Broadsword wielder.

? Is that a new class? Are there going to be different kinds of fencers now? Interesting. I guess Shin will be a katana wielder good against personnel while Nagisa will be a PS-style photon sword wielder which is good all-around?.
6 years ago#8
^Sorry, I mean in her game. She's wielding a Broadsword with boosters.
We know who wields broadsword in VC3. only 2.
6 years ago#9
The page is lost ><. Anybody saves the password before the webpage brought down?
6 years ago#10
Phew. I still had it open when you said that. I'll include a screenshot as well for better translators than me.

_S ULJM-05781
_G Valkyria Chronicles3
_L 0x20389720 0x10000012
_L 0x203897c0 0x341200xx
00 Ricorisu (Anisette)
01 Erenoa (Eleanor)
02 Nagise
03 Eiriasu (Aliasse)
1E Ritoruanguka (Don't know)
28 Rabiko
29 Shianin
2A Gussuma (These are my best attempts at translating the katakana and hiragana into romanji, I apologize for the shoddy work w/ the kanji.)
2B Puyopuyo ! Sega
2C Eireido Zeji
2D Eireido <something>
2E Konpuesu Roga
2F Konpu Abakoze
30 <something> Magari
31 <something> Eiriasu (something Aliasse)
32 Torasute DCT 99999999

_L 0x2052DB20 0x05F5E0FF
EXP 99999999
_L 0x2052DB24 0x05F5E0FF
DCT Amount
_L 0x20001C00 0x00052xxx
_L 0x20001C04 0x0A218698
_L 0x20001C08 0xAE65003C
_L 0x200761C4 0x0E200700

EXP Amount
_L 0x20001C10 0x00052xxx
_L 0x20001C14 0x0A2186A7
_L 0x20001C18 0xAE65001C
_L 0x200761D0 0x0E200704
DCT and EXP <something>

Above there is one kanji after each of those numbers. I do not know if they're multipliers or what. I will substitute an x for them and a better translator can take a look later.

Here is the screenshot of the page.

What you are I was, what I am you will be.
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