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StickyAsura's Wrath S-Rank and Trophy Tips (Spoiler Free) (Sticky)
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SouloAscian534/25 11:14PM
Not Hindu or Buddhist but why is this game missing deities like Shiva and stuff?HellsingOrg38/7 1:47AM
What's Asura's power level? (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz17/7 1:50PM
Can/should this game get a Remaster? (Archived)JokesOnYou70754/28 2:17PM
asura 2 (Archived)Yaz9d33/24 9:05PM
Question about the DLC. (Archived)vv0lverine41/26 2:08PM
Order of DLC? (Archived)KarlZealtin49/16 9:05AM
So......Wyzen..... (Spoilers) (Archived)MikeSSJ part 314/7/2014
Coolest move of all the cut scenes? (Archived)PlayItRetro43/5/2014
Hidden episode & DLC (Archived)lostn42/24/2014
Unlocking Bumpers (Archived)prince_nagash22/3/2014
Is the game supposed to come with a manual? (Archived)lostn31/8/2014
The world wasn't ready for Asura's Wrath. (Archived)Gogandantess_XV212/9/2013
So MGR just released all its DLCs for free. (Archived)Endless_Night212/6/2013
Triple S on episode 15: how do you get the required amount of BP? (Archived)SePhYs_BlAdE666312/2/2013
trying to understand why some want a sequel. (Archived)project7zero1012/2/2013
Interludes being skipped? (Archived)finus32429/22/2013
Why do u have to pay to see the real ending? (Archived)ZatchBell39/16/2013
Playing part IV without finishing the game (Archived)andr1y738/29/2013
Asura: most powerful Capcom character? (Archived)El_Caracol58/26/2013
The translation in this is so terrible... (Archived)
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