So Dante, Bayonetta, Gene, Ryu, and Kratos would get owned by Asura

#1SSJ_JinPosted 1/12/2012 8:10:02 PM
at the same time. This guy is ridiculous.
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I'm not sure if I want to say Dante and Bayo would get owned, but yeah.

Dude's effin' insane.
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#3dolinovPosted 1/12/2012 10:26:55 PM
yep they sure would if the competition was to "star in a game not running at 60fps"
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dolinov posted...
yep they sure would if the competition was to "star in a game not running at 60fps"

Oh, be quiet. It's a console game. No one does or should give a damn if it runs at 60fps. Most don't even see the difference and it doesn't affect gameplay. If frames per second matter that much to you, buy a super pc.
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From: sindetta_X7 | #004
Oh, be quiet.


It's a console game.

And? Console games can do 60 fps, some of these are even last gen's consoles
Ninja Gaiden 1, 2, Sigma, Sigma 2, 3
Dante's Inferno
Devil May Cry 1, 3, 4
Forza series
Call of Duty series
2D fighters

and it doesn't affect gameplay.

Oh be queit.
Most 60FPS games have a 66.67ms latency
30FPS games have a minimum potential lag of 100ms, but many exceed this.
60fps will generally have half the response time of 30fps, which can be a deciding factor
60fps is the chosen option because the characters are so quick. While it makes the graphics nicer, the speed of gameplay is key. Having only 4 frames to choose an action is a much better choice with 60fps. So he says.
We prioritise 60FPS as an important feature because it gives the games a feel you just can't achieve at 30; for instance, the responsiveness and feedback of the controls
In general, “twitch” games require very high framerate.
Fast input response demands fast feedback to player
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Then again, it's not like it matters since Asura's Wrath is a movie and not a game.
#7dolinovPosted 1/12/2012 11:53:02 PM
Hideaki Itsuno is like the only person left at capcom who knows his stuff.. If he leaves who do they have left? Game design wise I mean.
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rice_noodles posted...

And this has to do with the topic how? The topic's comparing individual characters, not their entire game.

That's basically argument ad verbosium there.
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I was arguing against sindetta_X7, not you or the topic. Go complain to dolinov and sindetta for starting it and running with it.
#10rice_noodlesPosted 1/13/2012 12:03:10 AM
And really, anything that strays away from a stupid VS topic is a good thing.